As Photoshop brushes, custom shapes save you a lot of time and energy when you’re in the middle of the creation process. Besides the ability to insert a good-looking object into our designs instantly, they can be used in any size as they are vectorized. You can also create a new copy,change color and layer style of the custom shapes.

So today, I’m going to show you 1300+ best Photoshop custom shapes that will definitely catch your eye and make you want to use them? All the below Photoshop custom shapes are totally free to download and use in your projects. Here they are for your use and fun. Enjoy!

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1. 30 Photoshop Shapes Collection

30 Photoshop Shapes Collection

2. Photoshop Shapes: Heraldry

Photoshop Shapes: Heraldry

3. 20 Animal Shapes for Photoshop

20 Animal Shapes for Photoshop

4. Photoshop Shapes: Graffiti

Photoshop Shapes: Graffiti

5. Ornaments Shapes

Ornaments Shapes

6. Dead Trees

Dead Trees

7. 18 Code Geass Symbol Set

18 Code Geass Symbol Set

8. 72 Kiddy Stuffs Custom Shapes

72 Kiddy Stuffs Custom Shapes

9. Straights and Swirls

Straights and Swirls

10. 56 Smooth Arrows

56 Smooth Arrows

11. 100 Photoshop Custom Shapes

100 Photoshop Custom Shapes

12. Media Shapes

Media Shapes

13. 15 Custom Shapes: Web Icons & Buttons

15 Custom Shapes: Web Icons & Buttons

14. Circle Shapes for Photoshop

Circle Shapes for Photoshop

15. Custom Shapes: Birds

Custom Shapes: Birds

16. 25 Unique Photoshop Shapes

25 Unique Photoshop Shapes

17. 24 Abstract Snowflake Shapes

24 Abstract Snowflake Shapes

18. Photoshop Shapes – Hot Babes

Photoshop Shapes - Hot Babes

19. Custom Shapes: WW2 Planes

Custom Shapes: WW2 Planes

20. 850 Photoshop Custom Shape

850 Photoshop Custom Shape

21. 50 Vector Shapes Mix for Photoshop

50 Vector Shapes Mix for Photoshop

22. 60 CSH Silhouettes

60 CSH Silhouettes

Hope you will have liked these helpful custom shapes for Photoshop. If you are a graphic designer and you have your own Photoshop shapes collection then you can share related links with us via comments.