Desktop wallpapers are always nice to look at and to draw inspiration from. They may provide with some fresh perspective look on your desktop. An awesome collection of wonderful desktop wallpapers gathered around the web. All wallpapers or artworks are properly linked back to the respective artists. I have here 20 awesome wallpapers for your computers, as I really believe having a good wallpapers on the desktop can really inspire and kick-off the day!

1. Distended Aura

Distended Aura

2. Awesome Wallpaper for Desktop

Awesome Wallpaper for Desktop

3. Blue Space and  Stars Wallpaper

Blue Space and Stars Wallpaper

4. Awesome Waterscapes Background

Awesome Waterscapes Background

5. Ecosystem 9 – Telefantasy WP

Ecosystem 9 - Telefantasy WP

6. AMV10 Car Wallpaper

AMV10 Car Wallpaper

7. Amazing Phenomenon Wallpaper

Amazing Phenomenon Wallpaper

8. Amazing Parrots Bird HD Wallpapers

Amazing Parrots Bird HD Wallpapers

9. Really Messy Rainbow Wallpaper

Really Messy Rainbow Wallpaper

10. Awesome Smiley Wallpaper

Awesome Smiley Wallpaper

11. Yellow Planets in Space

Yellow Planets in Space

12. Green and Red Chameleons

Green and Red Chameleons

13. Beautiful Sunset Wallpaper

Beautiful Sunset Wallpaper

14. Wallpaper – Cold Peak

Wallpaper - Cold Peak

15. Lots of Awesome Wallpapers

Lots of Awesome Wallpapers

16. End of the World

End of the World

17. Apple Wallpapers

Apple Wallpapers

18. Awesome Musical Wallpaper

Awesome Musical Wallpaper

19. A Broken Landscape

A Broken Landscape

20. Private Sunset Wallpaper Pack

Private Sunset Wallpaper Pack

21. Still Love Bubbles

Still Love Bubbles

22. Arctic Expedition

Arctic Expedition

23. Reflections of Tomorrow

Reflections of Tomorrow

24. Lamborghini Gallardo Wallpaper

Lamborghini Gallardo Wallpaper

25. Evangelion 2.22 Ending Still

Evangelion 2.22 Ending Still

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