Fonts are highly useful resources that allows the designer to create a theme and adds meaning to a design. The right selection of fonts can make a huge difference and sometimes convert your normal design into attractive piece of art. In short you can add a difference to your writing structure.

In this post entitled 30 new and fresh fonts gives our readers a chance to browse through and grab the latest free fonts that are offered in the web today. Hopefully you may find this selection both interesting and useful at the same time. I would also recommend you to check the license agreements before using them as the licenses change from time to time.

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1. Arial


2. Brother Deluxe

Brother Deluxe

3. Billy Jean Style

Billy Jean Style

4. Graphic Design

Graphic Design

5. Atreyu


6. Formal Script Beta

Formal Script Beta

7. Daniel


8. Depressionist


9. Garbage


10. Eskimo and Polar Bear Font

Eskimo and Polar Bear Font

11. DJ Happee Font


12. Morning Glory

Morning Glory

13. Children Of Bodom

Children Of Bodom

14. The Amazing Spider Man

The Amazing Spider Man

15. Enchiridion


16. Web Serveroff Italic

Web Serveroff Italic

17. Lerotica


18. Shallow Grave BB

Shallow Grave BB

19. Dymeda


20. Maximum Kilometer Font

Maximum Kilometer Font

21. Culita


22. Vhia


23. Amal


24. Cruel Sun Font

Cruel Sun Font

25. Aaargh Normal

Aaargh Normal

26. Wesnarat Comics Regular

Wesnarat Comics Regular

27. Load Up On Guns

Load Up On Guns

28. Motorcycle


29. Wesnarat Comics Bold

Wesnarat Comics Bold

30. Layiji Sarangheyo

Layiji Sarangheyo

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