The wallpaper is one of the most basic customizations on any computing device, be it your computer screen or your phone. Android is growing resourcefully worldwide and obviously android wallpapers also most wanted around the world. Due to their great success, we have decided to bring you most beautiful and attractive wallpapers for your android phone.

We have collected some really interesting best wallpapers for android. Select from these fantastic wallpapers and accessorize your gadget whenever you want and whatever your mood. Hopefully you will all enjoy them, feel free to drop us your opinions!

You may be interested in these wallpapers:

1. Mind blowing starlight background


2. Cool waterfall wallpaper


3. Great green destruction wallpaper

Green Destruction

4. Nature android wallpaper

Android wallpaper

5. HD nightfall background


6. Leaves and water drops nature wallpaper

Leaves and water drops

7. Catch the android wave free background

Catch The Android Wave

8. Elegant lucky star wallpaper

Lucky star

9. Blooming apple tree hd wallpaper

Blooming apple tree

10. Cool eastern glow wallpaper

Eastern glow

11. Stunning willow tree wallpaper

Willow tree

12. Fantastic appel cut background

Appel cut

13. Impressive yellow maple leaf wallpaper

Yellow maple leaf

14. Water heart shaped background for android

Water heart shaped

15. Hot coffee beans android wallpaper

Hot coffee beans

16. Black android background

Black android background

17. Fresh peach wallpaper for android

Fresh peach

18. Beautiful android wallpaper

Beautiful android wallpaper

19. Attractive toxic red mushroom wallpaper

Toxic red mushroom

20. Beat car wallpaper for android

Car wallpaper for andriod

21. Lovely night earth background

Night earth

22. Outstanding abstract wallpaper

Abstract wallpaper

23. Great green cones android wallpaper

Green cones

24. Beautiful android wallpaper background

Amazing android wallpaper

25. Amazing sun rise wallpaper

Sun Rise

Among the thousands of android wallpapers that we could download for free, we have chosen the best wallpapers only for you. Feel free to share your comments with us.

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