Cartoons make people happy and joyous inside. Cartoon movies and cartoon characters are very popular in kids, teenagers and also parents of them like them. Now these are popular on other mediums like Magazines, News papers, Shirts of kids and Websites. wallpapers are simply our way of making our desktops more personal and more interesting to us and to the people who view our PCs!

Most of the people would like to change the desktop wallpapers often such that they look cool. In this post, we present 30 free beautiful cool cartoons wallpapers, collected from around the Web. If you cannot find a background for your desktop in this collection of lovely backgrounds then you might need to look through once more.

You may be interested in these wallpapers:

1. Beautiful Marvel Comics Wallpaper

Marvel Comics Wallpaper

2. Cyrano de Bergerac Background

Cyrano de Bergerac

3. Funny Horton Wallpaper for Desktop


4. The Diligent Rat Creative Cartoon Wallpaper

The Diligent Rat

5. Life Drawing Wallpaper for PC Desktop

Life Drawing

6. Just an Udder Wallpaper

Just an Udder Wallpaper

7. Super Congress Cartoon Wallpapers for Android

Super Congress

8. Free Sponge Cartoon Wallpapers for MAC


9. Marine Bio Cartoon Wallpapers for iPod Touch

Marine Bio

10. Free Penguin Cartoon Wallpapers for Mobile

Penguin Cartoon Wallpaper

11. Creative Cartoons Background

creative cartoons background

12. Drunken Monkey Wallpaper for iPad

Drunken Monkey Wallpaper

13. 3d Cartoon Wallpapers for Windows 7

3d cartoon

14. Don’t Fear The Reaper

Don't Fear the Reaper

15. Calvin and Hobbes Wallpapers for Laptop

Calvin and Hobbes

16. HD Simpsons Cartoon Wallpaper


17. Escape 2 Africa – Alex

Escape 2 Africa Alex

18. Cool Cat Creative Cartoon Wallpaper


19. garf


20. hungry tako

hungry tako

21. The Endless One

The Endless One

22. The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects

23. LeBron James Cartoon

Lebron James Cartoon Wallpaper

24. The Opiated Wallpaper

The Opiated Wallpaper

25. Cute Wallapper

Cute Wallapper

26. Fun cute 3D cartoon

Fun cute 3D cartoon

27. Main Crew

Main Crew

28. Desktop Backgrounds

Desktop Backgrounds

29. Fairy Tale Characters

Fairy Tale Characters Wallpaper

30. Higher Wallpaper

Higher Wallpaper

Select from these fantastic wallpapers and accessorize your gadget whenever you want and whatever your mood. Hopefully you will all enjoy them, feel free to drop us your opinions!