We know there are many of you who just love to change their desktop or laptop wallpapers all the time, just for the pleasure of having different pleasant images in front of their eyes. For those of you who are always searching for beautiful HD wallpapers on websites such as WallpaperFX, Deviantart, Interfacelift and especially for the ones of you who love art and its modern variations, we prepared a special set of 20 free digital art HD wallpapers to decorate your desktop with.

Maybe you are fed up with the classical nature images wallpapers, or maybe you got bored of all the movie and actors posters, maybe you are searching for something more abstract, more interesting and colorful to garnish your desktop with. If that is the case, than digital art is your solution. This form of art has evolved along with the development and widespread use of the computer and can be described as abstract, spectacular, cosmic, daring and complex.

Either you prefer photographic manipulation that offers images out of this world, futuristic sci-fi characters or you prefer abstract shapes and fractal designs, our twenty digital art wallpapers will surely make you happy.

Get out of the routine and bring yourself and your computer one step closer to the future, by choosing a digital art wallpaper to decorate your desktop with. Get rid of your old cars and famous people wallpapers and explore your artful side more! Put your imagination to work every day and imagine yourself living where your wallpaper shows.

You are invited to download for free any of our 20 digital art wallpapers, or even all of them if you wish.They will surely bring a more imaginative touch to your daily life!

1. Flaming Cat

Flaming Cat

2. Scorched Earth

Scorched Earth

3. Coloring The World Wallpaper

Coloring The World Wallpaper

4. Fractal 3D

Fractal 3D

5. Supernatural Wallpaper

Supernatural Wallpaper

6. Vector Wallpaper

Vector Wallpaper

7. Vintage Car in Fire Wallpaper

Vintage Car in Fire Wallpaper

8. Harry Potter 7 – Wallpaper

Harry Potter Wallpaper

9. Digital 3D Image

Digital 3D Image

10. Giant Flowers

Giant Flowers

11. Steampunk Portal Gun Wallpaper

Steampunk Portal Gun Wallpaper

12. BMX


13. Solar Cells Wallpaper

Solar Cells Wallpaper

14. Love me with Every Step I Take

Love me with Every Step I Take

15. Chiron Wallpaper

Chiron Wallpaper

16. Awesome Smiley Wallpaper

Awesome Smiley Wallpaper

17. ODST Wallpaper

ODST Wallpaper

18. Skull Wallpaper

Skull Wallpaper

19. Dragonborn


20. Fantasy Race Wallpaper

Fantasy Race Wallpaper