Easter is the most important annual religious feast in the Christian liturgical year. Easter marks the end of Lent, a forty-day period of fasting, prayer, and penance. Easter Festival with religious origins to countries in Europe and the United States, Easter is a major holiday after Christmas. Easter customs vary across the Christian world, but decorating Easter eggs is a common motif.

According to the Western church tradition, the Spring equinox festival (March 21) or a full day to see the first month after the Spring equinox, the first encounter is Easter Sunday. So, in this round up, you will find colorful and cute easter holiday wallpapers. These easter photography wallpapers are very original and unique. Enjoy and Happy Easter!

You may be interested in the following posts:

1. Happy Easter Wallpaper

Happy Easter Wallpaper

2. Easter Eggs In A Glass

Easter Eggs In A Glass

3. Funny Doggy Some Bunny Wishes You a Happy Easter

Funny Doggy Some Bunny Wishes You a Happy Easter

4. Beautiful Easter Favors

Beautiful Easter Favors

5. Colorful Easter Eggs Wallpaper

Colorful Easter Eggs Wallpaper

6. Mo and the Easter Bunny Wallpaper

Mo and the Easter Bunny Wallpaper

7. Happy Easter Background for Desktop

Happy Easter Background for Desktop

8. Early on Easter Morning

Early on Easter Morning

9. Lily of the Valley, Vintage Girl

Lily of the Valley, Vintage Girl

10. Easter Decoration – Easter Eggs Wallpaper

Easter Decoration - Easter Eggs Wallpaper

11. Flowers Basket Wallpaper – Lovely Easter Crafts

Flowers Basket Wallpaper - Lovely Easter Crafts

12. Cool Easter Egg Decorating Picture

Cool Easter Egg Decorating Picture

13. Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt

14. Have a Happy Easter

Have a Happy Easter

15. Schnuffel Bunny Easter Wallpaper

Schnuffel Bunny Easter Wallpaper

16. Madoshi Easter Bunny Wallpaper

Madoshi Easter Bunny Wallpaper

17. Easter Spring Wallpaper for 2012

Easter Spring Wallpaper for 2012

18. Easter Bonnett

Easter Bonnett

19. Flowers Basket Wallpaper – Easter Flowers Basket

Flowers Basket Wallpaper - Easter Flowers Basket

20. Undyed Egg – Easter Eggs Wallpaper

Undyed Egg - Easter Eggs Wallpaper

21. Painted Easter Eggs Pictures

Painted Easter Eggs Pictures

22. Easter Flower Desktop Wallpaper To Download

Easter Flower Desktop Wallpaper To Download

23. Easter Wallpaper for Free Download

Easter Wallpaper for Free Download

24. Flower on Egg Wallpaper

Flower on Egg Wallpaper

25. Awesome iPad Easter Wallpaper

Awesome iPad Easter Wallpaper

26. Wendell’s Easter Wallpaper

Wendell's Easter Wallpaper

27. Easter Chappy

Easter Chappy

28. Easter Magic

Easter Magic

29. Lovely Easter Gift Basket

Lovely Easter Gift Basket

30. Beautiful Easter Favors – Easter Decoration

Beautiful Easter Favors - Easter Decoration

31. Amazing Easter Eggs Desktop Wallpaper

Amazing Easter Eggs Desktop Wallpaper

32. Outstanding Happy Easter Background

Outstanding Happy Easter Background

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