I have already shared a number of different stylized fonts in the past. For examples thick and thin fonts, shadow fonts, professional fonts etc. Hope you will have free download these fonts for your projects. So, today’s post I’m going to share with you fantastic free blurred fonts which are not clear at the edges. The effect of blurring the font can be used on movie-clips and buttons. So, free download these fonts and install them in your computer or save them in your collection of fonts right now.

1. Ground Zero Font

Ground Zero Font

2. Nervous Font

Nervous Font



4. Halcion Font

Halcion Font

5. NIBIRU Font


6. Gaussian Blur Font

Gaussian Blur Font

7. The Blurry Effect

The Blurry Effect

8. VTC-AngoraChikOne Font

VTC-AngoraChikOne Font

9. BoobToob Font

BoobToob Font

10. Glass Houses Font

Glass Houses Font

11. DoubleVision Font

DoubleVision Font

12. Rough Linen

Rough Linen

13. Prefix Font

Prefix Font

14. Erthqake Font

Erthqake Font

15. Astigma Font

Astigma Font

16. Grade


17. Fresnel


18. Old Oak Font

Old Oak Font

19. Static Age Font

Static Age Font

20. Need Glasses?

Need Glasses?

21. Diager Font

Diager Font

22. Connection Font

Connection Font

23. Acid Reflux Font

Acid Reflux Font

24. Woodbrush Font

Woodbrush Font

25. VTC-BadPlating Font

VTC-BadPlating Font

26. Doppler


27. Clockwork Font

Clockwork Font

28. Enervate Font

Enervate Font

29. Hubbly Font

Hubbly Font

30. WTF Font

WTF Font

31. Angstrom


32. Acid III Font

Acid III Font

While compiling this list, it’s always a possibility that I missed some other great resources. Feel free to share it with us.