In designing, you will surely use typography for it is an important element of design. Free fonts are quiet popular to designers everywhere since it gives them the chance to grab cool resources free of charge. Here, I have compiled a list of best free fuzzy fonts for your projects. A fuzzy font is a type of font which is not suitable for every creative project you are working on but is perfectly suitable for any design project that needs a new and ultra modern look as it adds innovative sensation to your design. Make these fonts a part of your font library. You may use them as theme of whatever design you might want to do.

For more resources please see:

1. Shock Font

Shock Font

2. Fuzzy Bear Font

Fuzzy Bear Font

3. Quast Font

Quast Font

4. Mad Science Font

Mad Science Font

5. Insect Font

Insect Font

6. VTKS Squares Font

VTKS Squares Font

7. Kingthings Lupine Font

Kingthings Lupine Font

8. Catch 22 Font

Catch 22 Font

9. Sasquatch Font

Sasquatch Font

10. Deb Fuzzy Font

Deb Fuzzy Font

11. Fuzzy Handcuffs Font

Fuzzy Handcuffs Font

12. Fuzzy Xmas Font

Fuzzy Xmas Font

13. Woodbrush Font

Woodbrush Font

14. Fly Legs Font

Fly Legs Font

15. Roughie-Light Font

Roughie-Light Font

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