A perfect texture is a significant element of any web and print graphic design. It provides an interesting depth and dimension to a creation. All designers should have a healthy collection of resources in their toolbox. Always ready for any possible scenario. So, with the help of your collection, today I have collected beautiful free glitter textures for Photoshop. These can give a lot of difference and attitude to your design if combined with creativity and artistic imagination. If you like this post, share it with your friends through email and social networks.

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1. Glitter Texture

Glitter Texture

2. Gold Glitter Texture

Gold Glitter Texture

3. New Free Glitter Texture

New Free Glitter Texture

4. Ishkamina Glitter Texture

Ishkamina Glitter Texture

5. Rainbow Glitter Texture

Rainbow Glitter Texture

6. Free Texture Glitter III

Free Texture Glitter III

7. Rainbow Glitter Bokeh Texture

Rainbow Glitter Bokeh Texture

8. Texture – Glitters

Texture - Glitters

9. 10 Free Glitter Textures

10 Free Glitter Textures

10. 12 Seamless Glitter Textures

12 Seamless Glitter Textures

11. Blue Glitter Texture

Blue Glitter Texture

12. Free Glitter Texture

Free Glitter Texture

13. 8 Glitter Bokeh Texture Pack

8 Glitter Bokeh Texture Pack

14. Glitter Texture for Photoshop

Glitter Texture for Photoshop

15. Glitter Bubble Texture

Glitter Bubble Texture

16. Glitter Paper

Glitter Paper

17. Photoshop Free Glitter Texture

Photoshop Free Glitter Texture

18. Free Rainbow Glitter Texture

Free Rainbow Glitter Texture

19. Purple N Pink Glitter Texture

Purple N Pink Glitter Texture

20. Glitter Glow Texture

Glitter Glow Texture

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