Texture is the most important thing in the web design ,they used in backgrounds, banners and more in web site. Finding a good old newspaper texture or background may require a lot of effort. As designer you can either grab your camera and shoot a photograph of an old newspaper, or you can use photographs created by others.

While working on your graphic design project sometimes you need newspaper textures. So today, I have collected awesome and cool old newspapers textures. This 20+ free newspaper textures for your next design post is basically a set of unique resources you don’t want to miss. Who knows, this might help you make your latest master piece yet As mentioned, these are freebies that you can download right into your desktop. Enjoy!

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3. Newspaper by Krazy Kimmy 1993

Newspaper by Krazy Kimmy 1993

4. Old Newspapers


5. Denerim Times Elf Mage Scandal

Denerim times Elf Mage Scandal

6. Old Newspaper

Old Newspaper

7. Before the Great World War

Before the Great World War

8. Vintage Movie Ads

Vintage Movie Ads

9. Floorboards


10. Periodico Viejo

Periodico viejo

11. Manitoba Free Press

Manitoba Free Press

12. Newspaper


13. Ring Stolen

Ring Stolen

14. Texture Vintage Newspaper

Texture Vintage Newspaper

15. Century Old Hingham Newspape

Century old Hingham newspape

16. Newspaper


17. Old Soviet Newspaper

Old Soviet Newspaper

18. Vintage News Ad Brushes

Vintage News Ad Brushes

19. 1962 Volunteer 500 Article

1962 Volunteer 500 Article

20. Sweeney Todd Newspaper Montage

Sweeney Todd newspaper montage

21. 1916 Newspaper Headline

1916 newspaper headline

22. Old Local Newspaper

Old local newspaper

23. Memama Newspaper Clipping

Memama newspaper clipping

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