As web designers, we spend most of our time praising web designs for their sleek interfaces but truly, the unsung hero of design is the pattern. Patterns, as the name suggests, are predefined color designs which can be used in the very same manner as brush tool, but to paint with patterns.

In today’s post I’ve compiled a list some of the best different Photoshop free patterns. Whatever your usage for patterns, they are extremely important in good, solid web design. If you like this post maybe you will like more Photoshop patterns as like: orange patterns, brown patterns and floral patterns.

1. Different Pattern for Photoshop

Different Pattern

2. Screentones Pattern Pack

Screentones Pattern Pack

3. Floral Damask Pattern

Floral Damask Pattern

4. Victorian Damask Pattern

Victorian Damask Pattern

5. Blue Stripes 1 Pattern Set

Blue Stripes 1 Pattern Set

6. Dice Patterns

Dice Patterns

7. Hearts Pattern

Hearts Pattern

8. Spiderman Pattern

Spiderman Pattern

9. Glass on a Pattern

Glass on a Pattern

10. Yellow Flowers PS Pattern

Yellow Flowers PS Pattern

11. Photoshop Pattern Pack

Photoshop Pattern Pack

12. Rockduck’s Pixel Pattern Pack

Rockduck's Pixel Pattern Pack

13. Floral Photoshop Patterns

Floral Photoshop Patterns

14. Free 3 Flowers Patterns

Free 3 Flowers Patterns

15. Doodled PS Free Patterns

Doodled PS Free Patterns

16. Ridikul Pattern Pack

Ridikul Pattern Pack

17. Tiles – Photoshop Patterns

Tiles - Photoshop Patterns

18. Free Photoshop Flower Pattern

Free Photoshop Flower Pattern

19. Pixel Pattern Set

Pixel Pattern Set

20. Seamless Flower Pattern

Seamless Flower Pattern

21. 9 Retro Grunge Wallpaper Pattern

9 Retro Grunge Wallpaper Pattern

22. Serit Pattern

Serit Pattern

23. Waves Pattern Pack

Waves Pattern Pack

24. Scandinavian-style Simple Pattern

Scandinavian-style Simple Pattern

25. Seamless Damask Pattern

Seamless Damask Pattern

It’s really a great thing when we design and use patterns for our work. While compiling this list, it’s always a possibility that I missed some other great resources. Feel free to share it with us.

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  1. Nice list! Thanks for sharing. Just a FYI, the last pattern by pixels & ice cream does not have the download link on DA. I looked over her whole entire blog the other day trying to find it to no avail.

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