Choosing the right fonts for your design is very important. This gives your viewers an impression on what you promote or convey. There are many fonts websites and designers frequently upload their works to them but it’s a headache just to look for the fonts you like. Luckily we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of professional free fonts to enhance your designs. Attributions maybe required. Check license info in following links before you use.

You will definitely like these articles:

1. Oregon LDO Font

Oregon LDO Font

2. Bitstream Vera Sans Fonts

Bitstream Vera Sans Fonts

3. Capsuula


4. Ribbon


5. Gabriel Serif

Gabriel Serif

6. Little Days Font

Little Days Font

7. Lobster Font

Lobster Font

8. LeedsUni Fonts

LeedsUni Fonts

9. DejaVu Sans Fonts

DejaVu Sans Fonts

10. Kuro Fonts

Kuro Fonts

11. Hand Times

Hand Times

12. Fresko


13. Tangerine


14. Mobitale


15. Prehistoric


16. Liberation Sans Font

Liberation Sans Font

17. Cardiff Font

Cardiff Font

18. Moderna Font

Moderna Font

19. Rastalib


20. Teacher


21. Tepeno Sans

Tepeno Sans

22. Napoleon


23. Caslon Antique Font

Caslon Antique Font

24. Linux Libertine Font

Linux Libertine Font

25. SansSerifFLF Font

SansSerifFLF Font

Hope you will have liked these free fonts collection. While compiling this list, it’s always a possibility that I missed some other great resources. Feel free to share it with us.