Free fonts are quiet popular to designers everywhere since it gives them the chance to grab cool resources free of charge. Font is an element of design which gives your readers an impression on the message you are trying to publicize or communicate. A puffy font is a fat, bloated, cloudy and bubble looking font which is perfect for party invitations and flyers of fun related activities. In today’s post, we provide you with a compilation of amazing free puffy fonts for your projects. Scroll through the entire collection at your leisure and grab the fonts that you want. Enjoy!!!

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1. Puffy


2. Bomb Font

Bomb Font

3. Kruffy Font

Kruffy Font

4. Kingthings Bloone

Kingthings Bloone

5. Billo Dream Font

Billo Dream Font

6. akaDylan Font

akaDylan Font

7. Animaletters Font

Animaletters Font

8. Mama Font

Mama Font

9. Billo Font

Billo Font

10. Magical Mystery Tour

Magical Mystery Tour

11. Puffy Regular

Puffy Regular

12. Holiday Font

Holiday Font

13. Teaspoon Font

Teaspoon Font

14. Pleasantly Plump Font

Pleasantly Plump Font

15. McKloud Font

McKloud Font

16. Lomax Font

Lomax Font

17. JI Chunky Caps

JI Chunky Caps

18. Bumbazoid Font

Bumbazoid Font

19. Sniglet Font

Sniglet Font

20. Bizzy Font

Bizzy Font

21. Nonstop Font

Nonstop Font

22. Bubble Font

Bubble Font

23. FatFont


24. Chubb Font

Chubb Font

25. Technology Font

Technology Font

26. Clouds of Hope

Clouds of Hope

27. PooCorny Font

PooCorny Font

28. Poison Berries Font

Poison Berries Font

29. Baby Kruffy Font

Baby Kruffy Font

30. Milkdrops Font

Milkdrops Font

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