An icon is a graphical symbol which can be installed on an internet site, mobile phone or computer’s desktop. It is available in several different designs and sizes. These days, icons are performing an important part in the layout of any a website because visitors are usually persuaded by the subject matter communicated by icons.

Today’s post I have compiled a list of best free sticker icons sets for download. A sticker icon looks like it has a peeling effect on its corner. Check out this list and find a sticker icon which you can apply in the design projects you are working on right now. Enjoy!

For more resources please see:

1. Sticker Weather Icons

Sticker Weather Icons

2. Adium Chat Sticker

Adium Chat Sticker

3. 14 Garden Sticker Set

Garden Sticker Set

4. Icon Sticker Pack

Icon Sticker Pack

5. Free Sticker Icon Pack

Free Sticker Icon Pack

6. Random Sticker Icons

Random Sticker Icons

7. Yapiskan


8. Handbrake Sticker Icons

Handbrake Sticker Icons

9. I’m A Gleek Sticker Pack

I'm A Gleek Sticker Pack

10. 9 Editable Sticker Icons

9 Editable Sticker Icons

11. 5 Glossy Sticker Icon

5 Glossy Sticker Icon

12. DMG, Image & HDD System Sticker Icons

DMG, Image & HDD System Sticker Icons

13. Sticker Icon Set for Download

Sticker Icon Set for Download

14. Loco Roco Stiker Icons

Loco Roco Stiker Icons

15. Color Stickers

Color Stickers

16. 154 Orange Stickers – Social Media Icons

Orange Stickers - Social Media Icons

17. Sticky – Dock Icon Set

Sticky - Dock Icon Set

18. Cool Free Stickers Icons

Cool Free Stickers Icons

19. 16 Free PSD Stickers

16 Free PSD Stickers

20. Social Icon Pack

Social Icon Pack

21. Sticker Icon Pack Download

Sticker Icon Pack Download

22. New Free Social Icons Sticker Set

New Free Social Icons Sticker Set

Did you download a sticker icon from this collection? Which one? Feel free to send to us your responses in the comment section below.