Having a collection of high-quality textures that you can use for your artwork and  projects is essential to every designer. Use of texture in web design is extremely common. If you are a designer who is working on design projects such as banners or sketch of a website which require vintage touches. Therefore, in this collection I have collected free high quality vintage textures that you can download and utilize for your budding design project. All resources are free to download and use, but please read the usage for commercial projects. Hope that these wonderful pieces of art will be useful in designing your vintage-themed projects.

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1. Purple Vintage Circles

Purple Vintage Circles

2. 12 Vintage Textures

12 Vintage Textures

3. Vintage Paper Texture

Vintage Paper Texture

4. Old Victorian Blue

Old Victorian Blue

5. Big Textures 13

Big Textures 13

6. Freebies Vintage Texture

Freebies Vintage Texture

7. Vintage Texture Pack

Vintage Texture Pack

8. Vintage Paper Texture Pack

Vintage Paper Texture Pack

9. Vintage Grunge Texture Pack

Vintage Grunge Texture Pack

10. Vintage Paper II TEXTURE PACK


11. Three Vintahe Textures

Three Vintahe Textures

12. Colored Vintage Paper – Texture Pack

Colored Vintage Paper - Texture Pack

13. 6 Vintage Textures

6 Vintage Textures

14. Free Texture Grab Vintage Sweet Heart

Free Texture Grab Vintage Sweet Heart

15. Vintage Checkered – Texture Pack

Vintage Checkered - Texture Pack

16. Package Vintage Grunge 5

Package Vintage Grunge 5

17. Vintage III Texture Pack

Vintage III Texture Pack

18. Vintage Texture II

Vintage Texture II

19. Vintage Lust IV

Vintage Lust IV

20. BG Vintage Textures Pk2

BG Vintage Textures Pk2

While compiling this list, it’s always a possibility that I missed some other great resources. Feel free to share it with us.