A desktop wallpaper is a graphic displayed on the screen background. It functions not only as a momentary relaxation to the eyes. Desktop wallpapers provide the users the necessary enthusiasm for work. A mountain wallpaper can aid a lot in clearing away the stress that we feel because of their breathtaking landscape. So, here is a list of 25 awesome free mountains wallpapers for your desktop, that will bring you or give you an illusion of being close to mother nature. So, you can free download these desktop backgrounds for your computer. And spice-up your desktop with theses wallpapers. Hope you will like them.

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1. Amazing Mountain Background

Amazing Mountain Background

2. Evening Mountain Wallpaper

Evening Mountain Wallpaper

3. Alps


4. Scenic Mountain Snow

Scenic Mountain Snow

5. Snowy Mountains Wallpaper

Snowy Mountains Wallpaper

6. Mountain Reflection in The Water Wallpaper

Mountain Reflection in The Water Wallpaper

7. Hilltop Mountain Sky

Hilltop Mountain Skys

8. Great Mountains Wallpapers

Great Mountains Wallpapers

9. Climbers’ Hell & Heaven

Climbers' Hell & Heaven

10. Palms and Mountains

Palms and Mountains

11. Best Mountain Wallpaper

Best Mountain Wallpaper

12. Mountain Lake Wallpaper

Mountain Lake Wallpaper

13. Mountain Wallpaper for Desktop

Mountain Wallpaper for Desktop

14. Frosty Mountain Trail

Frosty Mountain Trail

15. Wallpaper – Cold Peak

Wallpaper - Cold Peak

16. Swiss Landscape 7 – Wallpaper

Swiss Landscape 7 - Wallpaper

17. Mountain Has Thousand Facets

Mountain Has Thousand Facets

18. Wallpaper Mountain

Wallpaper Mountain

19. In the Heart of Mountain

In the Heart of Mountain

20. Wonderful Mountains Background

Wonderful Mountains Background

21. Outclass Mountain Wallpaper for 2012

Outclass Mountain Wallpaper for 2012

22. Fantastic Mountains Wallpapers

Fantastic Mountains Wallpapers

23. Mountain


24. Desktop Mountain Photography

Desktop Mountain Photography

25. Big Mountain Free Wallpaper

Big Mountain Free Wallpaper

The 24 wallpaper of list is my personal favorite, which one do you think will become yours? If you like this post, share it with your friends through email and social networks.