A pattern is the formalization of a problem/solution pair, used to make an object-oriented design decision. The use of repeating patterns in photoshop can help to produce attractive website backgrounds with very little effort, and of course patterns have other uses as well.

Today, we have shown you the 20 most attractive free Orange pattern designs for your design inspiration. We hope you will enjoy this wonderful showcase. Feel free to share your opinion with us!

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1. Orangerie Pattern

Orangerie Pattern

2. Orange Geo

Orange Geo

3. Beautiful Orangerie Pattern

Beautiful Orangerie Pattern

4. Orange Retro Floral

Orange Retro Floral

5. Orangerie Color Pattern

Orangerie Color Pattern

6. Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

7. Orangerie Pattern Design

Orangerie Pattern Design

8. Warm Retro

Warm Retro

9. Autumn Leaves Orange Pattern

Autumn Leaves Orange Pattern

10. Circles Orange Pattern

Circles Orange Pattern

11. Orange Floral

Orange Floral

12. Orange Floral Pattern

Orange Floral Pattern

13. Orange Leaves Pattern Design

Orange Leaves Pattern Design

14. Free Seamless Orange Patterns

Free Seamless Orange Patterns

15. Halloween Pumpkin Pattern

Halloween Pumpkin Pattern

16. Orange Pattern

Orange Pattern

17. Warm Stripes

Warm Stripes

18. Seamless Orange Repeat Pattern

Seamless Orange Repeat Pattern

19. Leafy Orange

Leafy Orange

20. Orange Repeat Pattern Design

Orange Repeat Pattern Design

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