A rainbow is an optical and meteorological phenomenon that causes a spectrum of light to appear in the sky when the Sun shines on to droplets of moisture in the Earth’s atmosphere. A rainbow spans a continuous spectrum of colors. Everyone is always happy and pleased upon seeing a rainbow for it seldom appears in the sky.

Today, I have decided to share with you Photoshop free patterns. If have already shared many patterns in single and multi color. So, here I’m going to share with you a new concept of patterns in rainbow color. I will showcase a collection of vibrant collection rainbow colored patterns that you can use for your designs. Hope you will like them.

1. Rainbow Sunset

Rainbow Sunset

2. Rainbow Candycane

Rainbow Candycane

3. Rainbow Whirlpool

Rainbow Whirlpool

4. Feel The Rainbow

Feel The Rainbow

5. Rainbow Pixels

Rainbow Pixels

6. Rainbow Flames

Rainbow Flames

7. Rainbow Knots

Rainbow Knots

8. Jacked up Rainbow

Jacked up Rainbow

9. Seamless Chromatic Rainbow Patterns

Webtreats Seamless Chromatic Rainbow Patterns

10. Free Rainbow Patterns

Free Rainbow Patterns

11. Rainbow Brushes

Rainbow Brushes

12. Innermost Thoughts

Innermost Thoughts

13. Star of a Rainbow

Star of a Rainbow

14. Birth of a Rainbow

Birth of a Rainbow

15. Rainbow Ripples

Rainbow Ripples

16. Chromatic Rainbow Textures

Chromatic Rainbow Textures

17. Jacked up Rainbow II

Jacked up Rainbow II

18. Eye of Empathy

Eye of Empathy

19. Rainbow Riot

Rainbow Riot

20. Kissed by Colour

Kissed by Colour

While compiling this list, it’s always a possibility that I missed some other great resources. Feel free to share it with us.