Typography is one of the most important aspect of design that uses text as their main element. We all know how important the striking typography is and how crucial it may be in terms of influence and the visual appearance of the website.

Working with typography can be challenging, but fortunately, there is a lot of free tools on the web that can help you work with type. Here’s a list of tools that will be a big help in making your typography beautiful, and you won’t even have to leave your browser.

Other useful links:

1. Font Picker

Font Picker

2. Web Font Specimen

Web Font Specimen

3. Wordle


4. Typechart


5. Pxtoem


6. Font Burner

Font Burner

7. Identifont


8. What The Font

What The Font

9. STC FontBrowser

STC FontBrowser

10. Csstype


11. Flipping Typical

Flipping Typical

12. Fontifier


13. Font Tester

Font Tester

14. Serif Font Identification Guide

Serif Font Identification Guide

15. Type Navigator

Type Navigator

16. Designer Plaything

Designer Plaything

17. Baseline Rhythm Calculator

Baseline Rhythm Calculator

18. Hi-Res FontTester

Hi-Res FontTester

19. Fontstruct


20. CSS Type Set

CSS Type Set

21. Typetester


22. OpenType Font Tester

OpenType Font Tester

23. Font Structor

Font Structor

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