A business card is a must for a designer or any freelancer, well for everyone actually. In this post you will find 22 typographic business card designs. These are the typographic business cards which creatively use typography or text as the only design element.

As with any type of freebie, be sure to read the terms and conditions by the owner before using it in your work. Feel free to browse through the entire collection and download your brushes choices.

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1. SMS Designs Card

SMS Designs Card

2. Square Business Card

Square Business Card

3. Julian Hrankov

Julian Hrankov

4. No Smoking

No Smoking

5. Black & White Letterpress

Black & White Letterpress

6. New Fuse Business Card

New Fuse Business Card

7. Elchinoviene


8. James Jack

James Jack

9. Modern Business Card

Modern Business Card

10. Pink Business Card

Pink Business Card

11. Renan Design Grafico

Renan Design Grafico

12. Cool Business Card

Cool Business Card

13. Frank Slangen

Frank Slangen

14. Cool Business Card YoMeSubo

Cool Business Card YoMeSubo

15. Eco-Friendly Business Card

Eco-Friendly Business Card

16. Day One

Day One

17. Merge Dynamic Card

Merge Dynamic Card

18. Custom Business Card

Custom Business Card

19. Micross Creative Identity

Micross Creative Identity

20. 2×2 Square Business Cards

2×2 Square Business Cards

21. Identity Design Card

Identity Design Card

22. BooshMedia Business Card

BooshMedia Business Card

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