Abstract art uses a visual language of form, color and line to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world. Abstract, not for design only, it’s in music, photography, drawing, writing etc. If you are looking  some abstract colorful creativity designs for inspiration, so you probably in right place.

Today, I present 25+ abstract colorful designs for inspiration,  created by some hard-working and dedicated designers. I hope you will like them these wonderful collection. Share your comments with us, if you like them.

More Useful Resources:

1. Water by LimKis

Water by LimKis

2. Abstract At Midnight

Abstract At Midnight

3. Abstract 003 by Stridsberg

Abstract 003 by Stridsberg

4. Abstract by BlackEagl3

Abstract by BlackEagl3

5. Abstract Life

Abstract Life

6. Abstract Wings

Abstract Wings

7. Love Jam

Love Jam

8. Quarter Past Midnight

Quarter Past Midnight

9. Vervinion by Alexian

Vervinion by Alexian

10. Vessel by Silesti

Vessel by Silesti

11. Grungetv Artworkfolio

Grungetv Artworkfolio

12. Submarine by Jotfs

Submarine by Jotfs

13. When Paint Comes Alive

When Paint Comes Alive

14. Miss You by Waver-h

Miss You by Waver-h

15. Freedom in Nature

Freedom in Nature

16. Evening Drift

Evening Drift

17. Abstract 17 by Myabstracts

Abstract 17 by Myabstracts

18. Abstract Sam

Abstract Sam

19. Abstract by Moonburst23

Abstract by Moonburst23

20. Abstract by Deathknight512

Abstract by Deathknight512

21. Abstract Swan Sea

Abstract Swan Sea

22. Birds Abstract

Birds Abstract

23. Lost by The One An Only

Lost by The One An Only

24. Secret Garden

Secret Garden

25. Abstract by Hardstyle20

Abstract by Hardstyle20

26. Party Monster

Party Monster

27. Abstract by uyku

Abstract by uyku

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