A few days back there were reports in Indian newspapers that some hooligans robbed a youngster of a considerably large sum of money in a local train in broad daylight. He complained to the police but nothing was done and a few days later, he was shot dead by the same hooligans who had robbed him because he was urging the police again and again to take action against them. Moral of the story – never carry large sums of money in public places. Instead use a credit card, it doesn’t mean you’re safe. But comparatively yes you’re safe enough unless you carry some top business credit cards having higher limit or so.

In case you don’t know, a credit card is a small card that you can carry in your wallet and which you can produce on making a purchase. The shopkeeper will use a scanner to scan your card and the requisite money will be deducted automatically from your bank account. But this can also be achieved with the help of a debit card. A credit card is different in the sense that you can make purchases of amounts even greater than your bank balance. This is like saying that your bank gives you some money on rent which you should deposit back before the deadline imposed by your bank. It’s wise to avoid highest cd rates to stay back comfortably.

In the earlier days of credit cards, the cards used to be dull and plain. But today with the advent of technology amazing graphics have been introduced in credit cards. Below I present you with 35 unique credit card designs to show you what modern day technology can do to your credit cards.

1. Monetary Credit Card

Monetary Credit Card

2. Brad Card

Brad Card

3. NSGB bank’s credit card

Concept for a visa credit card for the NSGB bank.

NSGB bank's credit card

4. Credit card designs by micro Colonna

Design samples for the credit card collaboration between Bankia and Mtv.

Credit card designs by micro Colonna

5. Ourocard Collection

A Bunco do Brazil Ourocard/Visa credit card collection with characters of the movie RIO.

Ourocard Collection

6. Credit card by Sirhaian

Credit card by Sirhaian

7. Zhilcredit Commercial Bank plastic cards

Zhilcredit Commercial Bank plastic cards

8. Credit card by Jezzy

Credit card by Jezzy

9. Renaissance Credit Card

Renaissance Credit Card

10. Baby

Can you say princess? Baby had it all. The look, the attitude—she was the consummate Persian professional. Working the camera with her icy blue eyes, her experience showed – as did her inner and outer beauty.


11. Mama Mia

Mama Mia

12. Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side Up

13. Freeze Frame

Freeze Frame

14. Dollar Man

Dollar Man

15. Walk On the Wild Side

Walk On the Wild Side

16. Kiss Me

Kiss Me

17. Colorful World

Colorful World

18. Attention Please

Attention Please

19. American Depress Cards

These were left lying around the installation pieces and underneath the Larger American Depress Canvases.

American Depress Cards

20. I am watching you

I am watching you

21. Pug Me Please

Pug Me Please

22. Credit card Natali Suasnava

Design and illustration for imagined Air India Amex Card.

Credit card Natali Suasnava

23. I Love Jelly Beans

I Love Jelly Beans

24. Cali

Cali was the most content cat of the shoot. She was so relaxed in the warmth of the lights that she didn’t want to move! It was all we could do to keep her awake so you could all enjoy those gorgeous golden eyes.


25. Ray Diance

Ray Diance

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