Photography, like design, is a creative profession and photographers provide a great subject for talented logo designers. Although, you can also come up with a brand mark identity but there will be great difference in a logo created by you and a professional graphic designer. One can be an inspiring if he managed to balance the negative and positive space in logo designing.

I hope that you will like these photography logo examples. If you like these collection then feel free and share your own opinion with us.

Other Inspirational Resources:

1. Shootmydog


2. Photofly



3. Sweet Memories Photography

Sweet Memories Photography


4. Galeria 291

Galeria 291


5. Shutterbug



6. Logan Photography

Logan Photography


7. Erin Marie Photography

Erin Marie Photography


8. Click Chick Photography

Click Chick Photography


9. Hello Foto

Hello Foto


10. Photo Carrier

Photo Carrier


11. Weddring Photography

Weddring Photography


12. Photo Balloon

Photo Balloon


13. Fototalk



14. Sherilyn Kusuda

Sherilyn Kusuda


15. Simply Special Photography

Simply Special Photography


16. Photomum



17. Steve Downie Photo

Steve Downie Photo


18. Pink Umbrella Photography

Pink Umbrella Photography


19. Focal22



20. Hotshot



21. Kulay Photography

Kulay Photography


22. ShutterGirl



23. Staraphragm Photography

Staraphragm Photography


24. Andy Fiord

Andy Fiord


25. DasFoto



26. Wild Eye Photography

Wild Eye Photography


27. Camora Photography

Camora Photography

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