The advertising ideas can be directed to different marketing medias such as TV ads, outdoors, posters and online advertising. Creative advertising ideas always attract our eyes to know more about it or understand the message it delivers. This post features 32 brilliant advertising ideas from around the world with different concepts and creative directions and I hope you like and comment about it.

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1. Save Water 2

Save Water 2

2. Wrigley’s 5 – Cobalt

Wrigley's 5 - Cobalt

3. Panasonic Hair Nose Trimmer: Baldy

Panasonic Hair Nose Trimmer: Baldy

4. Persil: Fish

Persil: Fish

5. Liquid Color

Liquid Color

6. Office Depot: Note

Office Depot: Note

7. Playstation 3

Playstation 3

8. Evian


9. Glasses


10. Homelessness Awareness: Woman

Homelessness Awareness: Woman.

11. Collab: Adidas, The one

Collab Adidas, The one

12. VW Golf: ROCK

VW Golf Rock

13. Mirror


14. Mini Cooper: Rollercoaster

Mini Cooper Rollercoaster

15. Eco Bottle Ad

Eco Bottle Ad

16. Road Safety: Puppy Love

Road Safety PUPPY LOVE

17. iPod-Chicken


18. Karana Travelgear: Steel Bed

Karana Travelgear Steel Bed

19. Street Shop

Street Shop

20. McDonald’s: Pole

McDonald’s: Pole

21. Advert for Apple Macbook

Advert for Apple Macbook

22. Hugo Boss Skyline is The Limit

Hugo Boss Skyline is The Limit

23. Protex Antibacterial Soap: Sneakers

Protex Antibacterial Soap Sneakers

24. Global Warming PSA – Time

Global Warming PSA - Time

25. Calgary Zoo: Trashman

Calgary Zoo Trashman

26. Chrysler – Paper City

Chrysler - Paper City

27. Land Rover: Desert

Land Rover Desert

28. Luftal Indigestion Relief: Chicken

Lufta IIndigestion Relief Chicken

29. Abortion

30. Sony Ericsson S500i

Sony Ericsson S500i

31. TV3 Law & Order Outdoor Lamp

TV3 Law & Order Outdoor Lamp

32. Fear of being Cute

Fear of being Cute

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