Using paper as a design element on a website can be very beautiful for your site. Paper web design concept is also one of the hottest trend right now on the net. Paper has been used as a page background as well as navigation menu background.

There are many sources of inspiration around us. Today, we have collected 33 superb paper inspired website designs form diffrent sources of the internet. Feel free to share your opinion with us and let us know which one is your favorite website design.

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Lendl Allen

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4. Dopheide Ministries

Dopheide Ministries

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6. Games For Her By You

Games For Her By You

7. Literary Bohemian

Literary Bohemian

8. Revolution Driving Tuition

Revolution Driving Tuition

9. Fall into Adventure

Fall into Adventure

10. Sprocket House

Sprocket House

11. Emrah Duzer

Emrah Duzer

12. Team Green

Team Green

13. Edu.Tnvacation


14. Visitidaho


15. Keva Damson

Keva Damson

16. Eric’s Empire

Eric’s Empire

17. Revolutiondrivingtuition


18. Twirk Ethic

Twirk Ethic

19. Ximena Ruiz

Ximena Ruiz

20. Cassys Design

Cassys Design

21. Cotr


22. kiddk


23. Feeding Our Futures

Feeding Our Futures



25. VCU Office of Undergraduate

VCU Office of Undergraduate

26. Swing Theory

Swing Theory

27. Bert Timmermans

Bert Timmermans

28. Sko Design Lab

Sko Design Lab

29. Narf Stuff

Narf Stuff

30. Jeremy Thomas

Jeremy Thomas

31. Film Review Friday

Film Review Friday

32. Lake Side Heritage Society

Lake Side Heritage Society

33. The Ernest Hemingway Collection

The Ernest Hemingway Collection

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