Vector art is any digital artwork in which the shapes in the art are represented by mathematical equations within a computer. Geometric shapes like lines,waves, single points and curves are placed together by the artist to create an illustration while the computer keeps track of each item’s location, curve andrelative proportion to the other shapes. Vector artwork is not a simple art it demands a lot of hard work and creativity. Only those peoples who have apassion about the painting and creativity can learn the vector art.

Today in this article we are presenting a list of beautiful 34 female portraits in vector art for our readers. Enjoy! place your feedback in comments section.

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1. Princess of The Night

Princess of The Night

2. Garota Propaganda

Garota Propaganda

3. Salvation from Vanity

Salvation from Vanity

4. Gissele


5. Woman With Sun Glasses

Woman With Sun Glasses

6. Hollywood Cerise

Hollywood Cerise

7. Windy Hair

Windy Hair

8. Beauty Among Nature

Beauty Among Nature

9. Stephanie


10. Gradient Mesh

Gradient Mesh

11. Dommi


12. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

13. Test2


14. Alessandra


15. Ben Wood:: Portrait

Ben Wood:: Portrait

16. Adriana Lima Vector

Adriana Lima Vector

17. Sailor Saturn

Sailor Saturn

18. Colors


19. Dijean Neo

Dijean Neo

20. Young Diva

Young Diva

21. Candy


22. Guitar Heroine

Guitar Heroine

23. Lindsay


24. A Lack of Colour

A Lack of Colour

25. Vellum


26. Je’Maine & Brushes

Je'Maine & Brushes

27. Color


28. Aqu Angelina

Aqu Angelina

29. Asian Sunset Commission

Asian Sunset Commission

30. Schmetterling


31. Heist and Her

Heist and Her

32. As The World Falls 4

As The World Falls 4

33. Bottle It Up

Bottle It Up

34. Carnation


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