Birds are very beautiful creatures. But they are tough to photograph. Bird photography is one of the most challenging types of nature photography. In this post, we have gathered 36 beautiful shots of bird photography to calm down your sense of bird photography. Enjoy!

You may have missed:

1. Landing Mirror

Landing Mirror

2. I am Coming

I am Coming

3. Silly Walk

Silly Walk

4. Bird Shadow

Bird Shadow

5. Spirit of Birds

Spirit of Birds

6. Blue Bird Gets The Worm

Blue Bird gets the Worm

7. In Today’s Baltimore Sun

In Today's Baltimore Sun

8. Dancin and Dippin

Dancin and Dippin

9. Parrot


10. Quack Quack

Quack Quack

11. The Hunter

The Hunter

12. Great White Egret

Great White Egret

13. Bee Eaters

Bee Eaters

14. Bird Brain

Bird Brain

15. Take Off

Take Off

16. The Feather

The Feather

17. Ready to Go

Ready to Go

18. Happiness Takes Flight

Happiness Takes Flight

19. A Bird’s Gratitude

A Bird's Gratitude

20. Can’t Fly Through Windows

Can't Fly Through Windows

21. The fluffy Murderer

The fluffy Murderer

22. Make Way

Make Way

23. We Are Not Speaking!

We are not speaking!

24. Majestic Bird Portrait

Majestic Bird Portrait

25. Photography World

Photography World

26. Crested Tit

Crested Tit

27. Conversation


28. In A Flap

In A Flap

29. Daily Bath

Daily Bath

30. Weapons


31. Rainbow Lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeet

32. Kingfisher


33. Rainbow Duck

Rainbow Duck

34. Sanderling Reflection Fort De Soto

Sanderling Reflection Fort DeSoto

35. Totally in Love

Totally in Love

36. Love


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