Minimalist designs for websites have their own popularity in a specific way. The best part about minimalism in web design is that it comes in many styles, colors and sizes, but they always have the same goal in mind, saying the most while saying the least. Mostly designers pick this idea with full of admiration’s and work masterfully to show their inspiration with this sorts of designs.

Here, In this post we have gathered a 37 beautiful clean and simple web designs for your inspiration. I am sure that you will like these resources.

Other Useful Links:

1. Fluid


2. Carsonispace


3. Nick Asbury

Nick Asbury

4. View Source

View Source

5. None-Design Media

None-Design Media

6. Tim Parkin

Tim Parkin

7. 52 Weeks of UX

52 Weeks of UX

8. Executive Edits

Executive Edits

9. Dconstruct 2008

Dconstruct 2008

10. Arndtmenke


11. Jon Tan

Jon Tan

12. Information Highwayman

Information Highwayman

13. Pandaweb


14. Interiors.Davroc

Interiors Davroc

15. The Morning News

The Morning News

16. Poccuo


17. Matt Kursmark

Matt Kursmark

18. (mt) Ventures

(mt) Ventures

19. Superawesome


20. DS.Emotion


21. Final Eyes

Final Eyes

22. Kind Company

Kind Company

23. Speak Creative

Speak Creative

24. Clean, Simple, Clear

Clean, Simple, Clear

25. Frieze Magazine

Frieze Magazine

26. Jump Media

Jump Media

27. Matt Bango Photography

Matt Bango Photography

28. Mint


29. Corvid Creative

Corvid Creative

30. Kyan


31. Breezy Baby

Breezy Baby

32. ResetStudio


33. wtfJeans


34. Bill Gates

Bill Gates

35. Webstaze


36. Salvator


37. Thinking for a Living

Thinking for a Living

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