The amount of WordPress themes and their creators is increasing every day. It is getting hard to find the right theme even when you know what you are looking for. Searching different sites and using various tools to get the best results can be very complicated and definitely time consuming. Luckily, there’s a fresh new way to find the best themes for WordPress.

Usually we are all very sceptical about the things with catchy slogans. So, if you are a bit incredulous at the news, at least give it a try. declares that they provide WordPress theme search at its best.

This tool keeps the design to its minimal. Although, simplicity is the key as user interface is very friendly. The whole attention is shifted to the themes and their sorting options. Good quality thumbnails, clear structure, visible and easy navigation turn on the charm instantly.

Simple but at the same time very practical search makes Themeshaker one of the best tools for WordPress themes. Classical distinction by the category is definitely there, but most would agree that many of the WordPress themes are multi-purpose. Features and functionality of the template is much more important.

A fresh new search filter “Shake it” is very interactive as it allows combining all the selections together and it works in real time. Multiple selections eliminate the unwanted results. The outcome is presented with no wearisome reloads of new pages. The search is so simple, you cannot lose out.

The arrangement of the templates can be changed using a quick button, which put them into order by date, view, rating or price. Thumbnail sizes can be changed according to individual preference and the full size picture can be seen once clicked on the preferable theme.

When the home site is loaded, the “load as you scroll” function let‘s you to avoid the boring old-fashioned pagination, unnecessary mouse clicks and reloads every time you click something. Back to the top button gets you to the start in a flash. Well presented thumbnails gallery of the templates is very appealing.

Put your mouse over the thumbnail and you can see the enlarged picture with a short description of your selection besides it. It’s practical, as you do not need to waste your time opening and closing any new tabs or windows. By the way, if you are looking for more info about your selected theme e.g. WordPress band theme or iPhone app WordPress theme, every single one of them has its own static webpage when you click on it with all the necessary features clearly stated in it. The whole thumbnail works as a link to the full description page, so you will not miss it what so ever. is a flexible and fast tool to find themes for WordPress. It’s more of the search engine, which ensure very quick and comfortable hunt for the user and delivers the results that meet his requirements the best.

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