Some animals have sharp teeth, some have fragile wings, some are predators, some chew on grass, but they all need to survive. This is one of the many stunning characteristics of nature as this ability enhances their chances of survival.

We have gather best and impressive animal camouflage photography for your inspiration. Prepare to train your eyes for spotting the animals and their amazing disguises!. Feel free to share your opinion with us and let us know which one is your favorite. Please read the license agreements carefully before using. The license can change from time to time.

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1. Camouflage


2. Cameleon froggs

Cameleon froggs

3. Camouflaged iguana

Camouflaged iguana

4. Camouflage by Lunchi

Camouflage by Lunchi

5. Gray Tree Frog

Gray Tree Frog

6. Camouflage by fs999

Camouflage by fs999

7. Camouflaged Grasshopper

Camouflaged Grasshopper

8. Camouflage by W-L-Designs

Camouflage by W-L-Designs

9. Rock grasshopper

Rock grasshopper

10. Camouflage by tigress-phan

Camouflage by tigress-phan

11. Camouflage by Tanzil Tafheem

Camouflage by Tanzil Tafheem

12. Well-camouflaged toad

Well-camouflaged toad

13. Camouflage by Dragonfly113

Camouflage by Dragonfly113

14. Camouflage ny Nick Chill Photography

Camouflage ny Nick Chill Photography

15. Newborn Grasshopper

Newborn Grasshopper

16. Stone Camo Goats

Stone Camo Goats

17. Camouflage by Fayesie-Daisie

Camouflage by Fayesie-Daisie

18. Grenouille avec son camoufflage

grenouille avec son camoufflage

19. Imperfect camouflage

Imperfect camouflage

20. Green Camouflage Basilicus

Green Camouflage Basilicus

21. Common lizard

Common lizard

22. Camouflaged Insect

Camouflaged Insect

23. Camouflage by Soraelna

Camouflage by Soraelna

24. Camouflage by PeruvianUnicorn

Camouflage by PeruvianUnicorn

25. Camouflage – Day 295

Camouflage - Day 295

26. Animal mimicry

Animal mimicry

27. Camouflage by bramblejungle

Camouflage by bramblejungle

28. Camouflaged Butterfly

Camouflaged Butterfly

29. Waldo


30. Camouflage by acephotographer

Camouflage by acephotographer

31. Camouflage by cbird92

Camouflage by cbird92

32. Crabby Camouflage

Crabby Camouflage

33. Camouflage Me

Camouflage Me

34. Camuflaxe perfecta -Perfect camouflage

Camuflaxe perfecta -Perfect camouflage

35. Waiting


36. Orange Squirrel by AntoineP76

Orange Squirrel by AntoineP76

37. Eastern Fence Lizard

Eastern Fence Lizard

38. Camouflage by Photoshopper

Camouflage by Photoshopper

39. Skylark


40. Camouflage by Transformer Fanette

Camouflage by TransformerFanette

41. Owl with great camouflage

Owl with great camouflage

42. Camouflaged plant hopper

Camouflaged plant hopper

43. Can you see me?

Can you see me?

44. Camouflage by IzzayFoShizzay

Camouflage by IzzayFoShizzay

45. Camouflage by pulsarr

Camouflage by pulsarr

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