Waterscape Photography is a technique used mostly by photographers who are aiming to capture the movement of water. Waterscape photography encompasses a range of photographic subjects, ranging from ocean photography, river photography, water photography and lake photography. This photography includes a lot of photos taken along the coast or any bodies of water.

After published the nightscape photography, I have collected very awesome and amazing waterscape photography for photographers inspiration. These handpicked images were taken by our dedicated photographers around the world. Be amazed by the majestic scenery of nature. You may be inspired to try this type of thses water perfect timed photography once you take a look at this piece of art. Enjoy!

1. A Place Where Dream

A Place Where Dream

2. The End of Another Day

The End of Another Day

3. Waterscape with Massive Arches and Stone

Waterscape with Massive Arches and Stone

4. Mudjin Harbor Beach

Mudjin Harbor Beach

5. Acadia National Park, Maine

Acadia National Park, Maine

6. Kalajoki Waterscape

Kalajoki Waterscape

7. Photo – Sun’s Glorious Finish

Photo - Sun's Glorious Finish

8. Morning Waterscape Photography

Morning Waterscape Photography

9. Montana de Oro Waterscapes

Montana de Oro Waterscapes

10. Water Runs off Reefs

Water Runs off Reefs

11. Nordic Winter Stream

Nordic Winter Stream

12. The World of Ice

The World of Ice

13. Poleg River, Israel

Poleg River, Israel

14. Lake Titicaca, Peru and Bolivia

Lake Titicaca, Peru and Bolivia

15. Prism


16. Free The Eyes

Free The Eyes

17. Magic Hour

Magic Hour

18. The Tree That Couldn’t Swim

The Tree That Couldn’t Swim

19. Shipwrecked


20. Locking Up The Sun

Locking Up The Sun

21. Atlantico – Beautiful Waterscape

Atlantico - Beautiful Waterscape

22. Hanging Tough

Hanging Tough

23. Bringing the World Together

Bringing the World Together

24. Lake Illawarra NSW

Lake Illawarra NSW

25. Paris Along the Seine River Banks

Paris Along the Seine River Banks

26. One Last Breath

One Last Breath

27. Pier at Oceanside, California

Pier at Oceanside, California

28. Waterscape Background

Waterscape Background

29. Sunset Photo of The Headlands

Sunset Photo of The Headlands

30. Rip it Up

Rip it Up

31. Adraga’s guardians

Adraga's guardians

32. Curtains in the Fog

Curtains in the Fog

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