Navigation bars are a critical part of web design because of their importance for usability and creating a position user experience. I believe we know that it’s extremely important that users understand navigation options to better explore a website. Usually, it’s plain text naming the categories or the pages the website has.

In this list we’ve highlighted 15 of the most gorgeous navigation menu designs – all of which are big, bold, and beautiful. You’ll see a variety of different styles, which should help with providing inspiration for your own designs. So check it out and let us know which one you like most.

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1. Navigation & Web Elements

Navigation & Web Elements

2. Stylish Menu For CSS Sprites

Stylish Menu For CSS Sprites

3. Ultimate Web Menu Navigation

Ultimate Web Menu Navigation

4. Web Navigation and Sidebar Elements

Web Navigation and Sidebar Elements

5. Navigation & Borders

Navigation & Borders

6. Retro Navigation

Retro Navigation

7. Glass Menu

Glass Menu

8. Vintage Web Elements

Vintage Web Elements

9. Navigation and Logo

Navigation and Logo

10. Modern Menus and Buttons

Modern Menus and Buttons

11. Retro Web Elements

Retro Web Elements

12. Navigation & Web Elements

Navigation & Web Elements

13. Premium Navigation Template

Premium Navigation Template

14. Watercolour Navigation & Buttons

Watercolour Navigation & Buttons

15. Into The Night

Into The Night