Every business and profession needs an identity and recognition. Business card is not just a paper bearing a company’s logo and a person’s contact details, your business card says a lot about you and the services you offer. It is therefore essential for your business card to look so impressive. Embossing business cards is making them unique, special in comparison with the crowd of commonplace business cards.

In this article, today we have presenting 25 most amazing and beautiful embossed business card designs for your inspiration. Feel free to browse through the entire collection and download your brushes choices.

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1. Topographical card

Topographical card

2. Letterpress by emletterpress

Letterpress by Emletterpress

3. Minimalist embossed business

Minimalist embossed business

4. Makken’s embossed business card

Makken's embossed business card

5. Villainy and associates

Villainy and associates

6. Business card design for bar lane studios

Business card design for bar lane studios

7. Three color letterpress

Three color letterpress

8. Silver foil business card

Silver foil business card

9. Artistic industrial & elegant

Artistic industrial & elegant

10. Business card

Business card

11. Branded business cards

Branded business cards

12. Business card by fizi pao

Business card by fizi pao

13. Transparent business card

Transparent business card

14. D² interior elements

D² interior elements

15. Black on black letterpress

Black on black letterpress

16. Unique business card

Unique business card

17. Sveti luka

Sveti luka

18. Artistaday


19. Windsor assurance LLC

Windsor assurance LLC

20. Rhino studio

Rhino studio

21. Brainup business cards

Brainup business cards

22. Luice design foil stamping embossed

Luice design foil stamping embossed

23. Foil business cards

Foil business cards

24. Hannah maple business cards

Hannah maple business cards

25. Purple carrot

Purple carrot

Embossed business cards makes your card different and easy to locate amongst several other business cards. We hope you see something you like and get inspired to try something new!

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