With more people surfing the web from their mobile devices, designers and developers have been trying to figure out the best way to cater to visitors on both mobile devices and computers. With the ever increasing popularity and wide spread use of mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad, it’s difficult to ignore the fact that websites are being viewed across various screen sizes.

Responsive web designing is a completely different designing version than the traditional web designing, and developers must know about the pros and cons of responsive web designing. Responsive web design refers to a site that is developed to degrade nicely across multiple screen sizes and resolutions, from the largest Mac display down to the minutest mobile device. Due to the fact that this type of design has to adjust itself, many developers need to take full advantage of their test management tools.

Responsive web designing is remarkably different from traditional designing in terms of technical and creative issues and a careful use of this can do wonder while designing. If your simply in search of some responsive inspiration, you’ve arrived at the right place. Here are 25 greate and cool example of responsive web design in action.

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1. Sasquatch Music Festival

Sasquatch is an annual music festival in my neck of the woods featuring some big name artists. When I came across their site and saw that it’s as fun to look at as the bands they book are to listen to, I was quite excited.

Sasquatch Music Festival

2. Illy Issimo

From the Master of espresso, illy coffee to go adds an intense, refreshing, and pleasurable moment to your day. illy issimo is made from illy’s unique blend of 100% Arabica Coffee and natural ingredients without artificial colors, aromas, flavors or preservatives.

Illy Issimo

3. Forefathers Group

Witness this never before seen revelation of beauty and wonder! Enlivened by mirth, provoking surprise and marvelous feats, the Forefathers design group fashions the world’s most electrifying brands, websites and illustrations.

Forefathers Group

4. Fork CMS

Fork CMS is dedicated to creating a user friendly environment to build, monitor and update your website. They take great pride in being the Content Management System of choice for beginners and professionals.

Fork CMS

5. Touch Tech

Touchtech team help guide you through the process of App development so that they are able to build an App that will truly delight your users.

Touch Tech

6. Marc Drummond

This is an in-depth look at responsive design, discussing device-specific design, what responsive design means for apps, and more.

Marc Drummond

7. WebDesignShock

This post from WebDesignShock outlines some of the potential challenges and problems that responsive design can present.


8. Andersson-Wise Architects

Andersson-Wise is an architecture and design studio based in Austin, Texas. Their collaborative approach to residential, institutional, and hospitality architecture results in precise solutions carefully attuned to their purpose.

Andersson-Wise Architects

9. CSS-Tricks

CSS-Tricks explains the concept of using media queries to take advantage of the available space in the browser viewport. It includes plenty of useful code snippets and examples.


10. Nathan Staines

Here’s a short tutorial for working with media queries, with plenty of code examples. It’s basic and to-the-point, but a perfect introduction to basic media queries.

Nathan Staines

11. Bryn Mawr

Bryn Mawr is one of the world’s most distinctive, distinguished colleges. Every year 1,300 undergraduate women and 400 graduate students from around the world gather on the College’s historic campus to study with leading scholars, conduct advanced research, and expand the boundaries of what’s possible.

Bryn Mawr

12. WVU Mix Info

The Mountaineer Information Xpress, or MIX, is a Web platform customized for WVU students. Through MIX, you can check your grades, send and receive e-mail, register for classes, pay your tuition and fees, keep up with student organizations, and find out what’s happening on campus.

WVU Mix Info

13. The Cacao Trail

I can only imagine that The Cacao Trail website is almost as enjoyable to navigate as the actual trail is. I do like how the main navigation links enlarge once you hit the mobile sized version, it can get to be a bit of an annoyance trying to touch tiny words to navigate a site on your touch screen mobile device.

The Cacao Trail

14. Alsacreations

Alsacreations took another interesting approach to their responsive web design. Rather than worrying about keeping all aspects and elements of their site intact between different resolutions, they simply focused on what was important and dropped the bells and whistles.


15. Clean Air Commute Challenge

According to the American Lung Association, the Charlotte metropolitan area ranks 10th in the nation for poor air quality issues. It has never been more important to learn about the impact of air pollution and what steps we can take to improve it.

Clean Air Commute Challenge

16. Ribot

Innovating consistently at the highest level, ribot create simple products that inspire and assist, in equal measure.


17. Glitch

Glitch is a web-based massively-multiplayer game which takes place inside the minds of eleven peculiarly imaginative Giants. You choose how to grow and shape the world: building and developing, learning new skills, collaborating or competing with everyone else in one enormous, ever-changing, persistent world.


18. St Paul’s School

St Paul’s is all about the excitement of learning. They care about their pupils, and their parents, and believe that the boy who does the most achieves the most.

St Paul’s School

19. Made by Splendid

Splendid Digital Creative Ltd is Gary Aston designer, developer, educator, musician, thinker, reader, coffee drinker, cat-stroker. Never bored, frequently short of time.

Made by Splendid

20. Food Sense

Food Sense is a unique resource for thoughtful, food-loving eaters and home cooks who have a palate for plant-based eating – for themselves or their loved ones; three days a week, or every day of the year.

Food Sense

21. Think Vitamin

Think Vitamin hit the web in 2006 with the express aim of being a valuable resource for web professionals. With contributions from all-star authors it quickly became a popular destination.

Think Vitamin

22. Earth Hour

Earth hour is very awesome responsive web design site. You can get idea from this for your next web project.

Earth Hour

23. Sony

Sony is a big brand that has embraced responsive web design. You’ll notice there’s not much of a difference between the widescreen and traditional square screen versions other than everything looks a little more compact on the square screen.


24. Spark Box

Spark Box is another web design studio that knows a good thing when they see it and doesn’t hesitate to implement it on their own site. One thing I really like about their website is how they use the width when they have it, but gracefully adjust when they don’t have it.

Spark Box

25. ASU Online

Andrea Stouder dreams of big things for herself. After years of teaching and learning, she enrolled at the Mary Lou Fulton Teaches College to go even further; she’s now earning her master’s, pursuing her dream.

ASU Online

More Responsive Web Designs


The design is made by well renowned illustrator and co-owner Jonas Bergstrand and programmer and developer David Nordlundh.


Responsive Website Design is quite important for any business owner who has a website. The above websites will look great on any screen size. Are you using responsive design techniques in your projects? Know of any resources we missed? Let us know in the comments!