One of the common and most popular tattoo designs are birds tattoo designs. Birds have captured man’s attention since the early times. From mythology, religion and literature, it has been part of man’s life ever since it existed. They express a love of freedom and the wish to rise above the odds of life in a shining, positive manner. Most bird tattoos have a positive and optimistic meaning, although it differs from culture, tradition and religion.

Here, in today’s post I,ve compiled a list of 40 most beautiful birds tattoos ideas for your next tattoo design. It has a soft, delicate and small design which gives a feminine appeal. You can see them in different artistic styles, ranging from those with cartoon faces and cute large-eyed expressions, to those with realistically inked wings and shades of color adding a 3D touch.

Whether you get a single colored tattoo showing intricate realism, or a vivid multi-colored tattoo full of life, birds tattoo designs remind you of adventure and flight all the time. I hope you enjoyed this post! Please let us know in the comment section. Also be sure to bookmark this; you never know when it’ll come in handy! You may be interested in the following posts on shoulder tattoos, hand tattoos and skull tattoos.

1. First Tattoo

First Tattoo

2. Bird Tattoo Color Back Dark

Bird Tattoo Color Back Dark

3. Blue Bird Tattoo

Blue Bird Tattoo

4. Wrist Bird Tattoo

Wrist Bird Tattoo

5. Chest Tattoo Birds

Chest Tattoo Birds

6. Cool Bird Tattoo Design

Cool Bird Tattoo Design

7. Beautiful Birds Tattoo on Leg

Beautiful Birds Tattoo on Leg

8. Tattoo Humming Bird

Tattoo Humming Bird

9. Amazing Bird Tattoo Ideas

Amazing Bird Tattoo Ideas

10. Bird Tattoo on Lower Back for Girls

Bird Tattoo on Lower Back for Girls

11. Star Bird Tattoo DONE

Star Bird Tattoo DONE

12. Flamingo Tattoo – Bird Tattoo Design

Flamingo Tattoo - Bird Tattoo Design

13. New Bird Tattoo Style 2012-13

New Bird Tattoo Style 2012-13

14. Rainbow Bird Sharpie Tattoo

Rainbow Bird Sharpie Tattoo

15. Bird Tattoo – Sonic Lunch

Bird Tattoo - Sonic Lunch

16. Bird Back Shoulder Tattoos

Bird Back Shoulder Tattoos

17. Tree of Life Tattoo

Tree of Life Tattoo

18. 2 Birds with Key Tattoo

2 Birds with Key Tattoo

19. Black Birds Tattoo on Foot

Black Birds Tattoo on Foot

20. Birds and Japan Cherry Tattoo

Birds and Japan Cherry Tattoo

21. Tree & Birds Tattoo

Tree & Birds Tattoo

22. Humming Bird Tattoo

Humming Bird Tattoo

23. Bird and Columbine Flower Tattoos

Bird and Columbine Flower Tattoos

24. Bird Tattoo Painting

Bird Tattoo Painting

25. Peace Bird Tattoo

Peace Bird Tattoo

26. Elegant Bird Tattoo Ideas

Elegant Bird Tattoo Ideas

27. Zombie Bird Tattoo

Zombie Bird Tattoo

28. Coverup Bird Tattoo

Coverup Bird Tattoo

29. Men 2012 Zombie Birds Tattoo Designs

Men 2012 Zombie Birds Tattoo Designs

30. David’s Tattoo Photo

David's Tattoo Photo

31. Girls Chest Tattoos Design

Girls Chest Tattoos Design

32. Awesome Bird Tattoos for Christmas

Awesome Bird Tattoos for Christmas

33. Birds Tattoos on Arm for Women

Birds Tattoos on Arm for Women

34. Birds of a Branch

Birds of a Branch

35. Dissolving into Birds

Dissolving into Birds

36. Birds Crow Feather Tattoos

Birds Crow Feather Tattoos

37. Women Back Birds Tattoos 2012-13

Women Back Birds Tattoos 2012-13

38. Abstract Bird Tattoo

Abstract Bird Tattoo

39. Back Bird Tattoo for Teen Girls 2012-13

Bird Tattoo for Teen Girls 2012-13

40. Nice Bird and Birdcage Tattoos

Nice Bird and Birdcage Tattoos

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