A graphic symbol is often used as part of logo design in order to convey a particular idea or concept in an effective and eye catching way. A logo is a representative of company or organization and it should be as small as possible and as attention grabbing as possible. You can also sell your logo design skill to freelance graphic design work by finding freelance design jobs. Circular logos have traditional, good and professionally looking design; they are convenient for multiple applications and easy for perception.

It is an art to make a company logo in a circular form and also requires a great deal of expertise. Below I want to show you the best examples of circular logos design, which will give you new ideas and inspiration for your next logo design project. Feel free to share your favorite logo design in comment area.

You will definitely like these articles:

1. The Cleaning Corps

The Cleaning Corps

2. HandStorm


3. Circular Logo Device Thingy

Circular Logo Device Thingy

4. Dunce & Dreamer

Dunce & Dreamer

5. Veldigo


6. S Logo Mark

S Logo Mark

7. Authority Game

Authority Game

8. Jojo


9. Flying Fish Logo

Flying Fish Logo

10. Wind Energy

Wind Energy

11. Oxeye


12. Nature Boardwalk Logo

Nature Boardwalk Logo

13. Eco Logo Design

Eco Logo Design

14. SpideRound


15. Flower Circular Logo

Flower Circular Logo

16. Desert Lights Tanning

Desert Lights Tanning

17. Loudge


18. Augusta Plastic Surgery Logo Concept

Augusta Plastic Surgery Logo Concept

19. Zinung


20. Pier 5 Fish Market

Pier 5 Fish Market

21. Oceanbird


22. Ferris Metal Recyclers

Ferris Metal Recyclers

23. Agromin


24. Tranton


25. HydroTech


Hope you will like them. Which ones are your favorites? Did we leave any good examples out? Please share with us.

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