Cross tattoos have become become very popular tattoo designs and are often shown as a symbol of remembrance or combined with other religious design elements. These types of tattoos could be customized in the way you wanted, adding special elements in it. Nowadays, having inks became a fashion trend and mainstream for many teenagers.

Among our gallery of cross tattoos, you’ll find the perfect representation of your Christian faith! Cross tattoos could symbolize many things about its bearer: it could be love, pain, sacrifice and sorrow. There are also other religious tattoo designs you could choose from. So here in this post I have collected amazing cross tattoo designs examples for your inspiration. Hope you will like them.

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1. Celtic Cross Tattoo Bre’s

Celtic Cross Tattoo Bre's

2. Cross Tattoo on Foot

Cross Tattoo on Foot

3. The CROSS


4. Family Crest Celtic Cross Tattoo

Family Crest Celtic Cross Tattoo

5. Heart Cross Tattoo

Heart Cross Tattoo

6. Phoenix Cross Tattoo

Phoenix Cross Tattoo

7. Iron Cross Skull Tattoo Design

Iron Cross Skull Tattoo Design

8. Cross with Wings Tattoo Design

Cross with Wings Tattoo Design

9. Cross Tattoo Design on Back

Cross Tattoo Design on Back

10. Outstanding Celtic Cross Tattoos

Outstanding Celtic Cross Tattoos

11. Cool Memorial Cross Tattoo Design

Cool Memorial Cross Tattoo Design

12. Elegant Cross Tattoo Trend

Elegant Cross Tattoo Trend

13. Neck Cross Tattoo Design for Women

Neck Cross Tattoo Design for Women

14. Calla Lilies Cross Tattoo

Calla Lilies Cross Tattoo

15. Fantastic Cross Tattoo Fashion

Fantastic Cross Tattoo Fashion

16. Tattoo Cross with Rosary

Tattoo Cross with Rosary

17. Cross Cover up Tattoo

Cross Cover up Tattoo

18. Awesome Cross Tattoo for Men

Awesome Cross Tattoo for Men

19. Old Existing Cross Tattoo

Old Existing Cross Tattoo

20. Tribal Cross Tattoo

Tribal Cross Tattoo

21. Cross Tattoo with a Sword in The Middle

Cross Tattoo with a Sword in The Middle

22. Nail Cross Tattoo

Nail Cross Tattoo

23. Judas Priest Cross Tattoo

Judas Priest Cross Tattoo

24. Heart With Wings and Cross Tattoo

Heart With Wings and Cross Tattoo

25. Colorful Cross Tattoo on Arm

Colorful Cross Tattoo on Arm

26. Cross, Rosary Tattoo

Cross, Rosary Tattoo

27. New Cross Tattoo for Guys

New Cross Tattoo for Guys

28. Best Cross Tattoo Style

Best Cross Tattoo Style

29. Freehand Stone Cross Tattoo

Freehand Stone Cross Tattoo

30. Cross with American Flag Tattoo

Cross with American Flag Tattoo

Choosing to have cross tattoos or any ink on your body requires a strong sense of responsibility that you need to carry through for the rest of your life so better make a good choice.