I was thinking about the ways for making an unforgettable first impression when meeting to the clients. So, my inspiration goes to focus on business card printing ideas. There are variety of business card designs like embossed business cards, typography business cards etc.

But today, i am in quench of finding some great designs of Die cut business cards. A rounded corner shaped business card is a typical example of Die cut business cards.

I have made a collection of 20+ creative die cut business card designs for the inspiration and embedding a positive first impression to the clients.

1. Die Cut Beautiful Business Card

I love this creative die cut business card. Designer has given a deep attention to the graphic details and color combination. He has delivered the beauty with simplicity without loosing the quality and call to action.

Die Cut Beautiful Business Card

2. Visiting Card Design Inspiration

Visiting cards soon became a very important tool of etiquette with all kinds of regulations governing the way in which they should be used.

Visiting Card Design Inspiration

3. Ninja Business Card

Ninja is very creative business card design. With tongue planted ever so firmly in cheek we present our very own 220lb, 100% cotton throwing star unique business card. It may not be deadly, but it will get the point across.

Ninja Business Card

4. Half Circle Side Die Cut Business Card

Let have a look at this beautiful half circle die cut business card design. Dark color is beautifully merged with the stunning beauty.

Half Circle Side Die Cut Business Card

5. Cool Zing Consulting Business Card

Two color letterpress business card with custom die cut mountain shape. Designed and printed at Studio On Fire.

Cool Zing Consulting Business Card

6. Lucid Industries Inc Business Card

Embossed, Die Cut, two Color out of aluminum. This business card is new design inspiration for you.

Lucid Industries Inc Business Card

7. Tailored Shirt Die Cut Card

Tailored shirt creative business card to catch your clients attention? To make them remember and outshine from the rest of the Boring cards in their holder? You get this right today!

Tailored Shirt Die Cut Card

8. Creative Die Cut Business Card

Having a well designed die cut business card will help you build your brand and attract new customers. Unique business card for famous motocross racer Ricky Carmichael.

Creative Die Cut Business Card

9. Mixtape Generation Business Card

Mixtape generation business card awesome design for your new business card. Cool die-cut business card in shape of tape cassette case.

Mixtape Generation Business Card

10. Musical Comb Business Card – ModHair

MODhair is the Rome Rock ‘n Roll hair salon. They needed a groovy businesscard. This comb plays a classic rock theme when rubbed by fingernail, using the same principle of a musicbox comb.

Musical Comb Business Card - ModHair

11. Base-10 Business Card

Printed offset with 18pt Carolina cover stock, laser die cut on 45% angle to create beveled edge on one side, overall matte varnish with a gloss spot varnish for the ink splatter.

Base-10 Business Card

12. Best Orange and Brown Die Cut Business Card

Looking for die cut business cards in a variety of shapes of sizes. In this picture you can find two different color orange and brown cards.

Best Orange and Brown Die Cut Business Card

13. Beautiful Tag Business Card

Unique and clean die cut business card that can be edited for Your personal needs with no time, that way You can create this beautiful pattern as much as You need.

Beautiful Tag Business Card

14. Die Cut Business Card for Photographer

New business card for photographer Eddie Zhuang, with die cuts.

Die Cut Business Card for Photographer

15. Die Cut Infusion Brands Business Card

Infusion Brands is a global consumer products company that builds and markets profitable brands through international. This business card is very creative design of Infusion Brands.

Die Cut Infusion Brands Business Card

16. Business Card for Amma Maternity

Two inks letterpress business cards with an egg shape die cut. It is a very inspirational business card for your next business card design.

Business Card for Amma Maternity

17. Business Card for Personality Studies

The cards were made as part of a semester long research project about the balance of work and life.

Business Card for Personality Studies

18. Depux Business Card

This business card for Di Depux is almost an ellipse but it’s cut on the axes. The color, print and die-cut heart gives more style to the business card.

Depux Business Card

19. GreenPac Identity Card

GreenPac is Australia’s favourite greenbag wholesaler. The intension of the design is to create something stand out from the crowd as well as describe the business well.

GreenPac Identity Card

20. Darlene Dewell Card

Darlene Dewell card has very beautiful inspirational look. You can share it to your friends, family, and colleagues.

Darlene Dewell Card

21. B Better – Business Cards

Sleak and stylish die cut business card, satin matte finish. This green business card work harder marketing your business brand.

B Better - Business Cards

22. Business Card for Miracle Media inc

Business card with die-cut developed for Miracle Media Inc.

Business Card for Miracle Media inc

23. Cute Smiley Business Card

Designed for personal use. With die-cut of my initial on it, the namecard becomes a smiling character itself.

Cute Smiley Business Card

24. Business Card for Cleverly Gifted

Cleverly Gifted business card. Tightly-registered vinework on the front side, on top of a pretty saturated letterpress flood. With knockout type, the .com of which is crazy tiny. And a custom die-cut, hangtag style. With registered front-to-back drill.

Business Card for Cleverly Gifted

For more design ideas on die cut business cards, try surfing the internet to find more inspiration. When you have decided on a design you like, don’t hesitate to contact us via comments.