Nail art can be simply made with a design of two bright colors, or you can imitate different intricate nail art design on your nails. The concept of great cool nail art is a lot like dressing up. You will no doubt go through many different ideas and styles before you find the best one for the particular occasion you are going to. Cool easy nail designs offer a variety of ideas to dress your nails without going to expensive salons.

You can style your nails differently each day as per your mood. So today, in this post I have collected very awesome cute and easy nail art designs for your inspiration. Once you are done collecting the stuff you need for easy creative nail art designs, here are step by step easy nail art designs that you should use. If you are still unsure to try out easy nail then your hesitation will end as soon you scroll down through this list.

1. Triangle Nail Design

Triangle Nail Design

2. Nail Heart

Nail Heart

3. Candy Nails

Candy Nails

4. Paint Splash Nail Art

Paint Splash Nail Art

5. Easter Nail Design

Easter Nail Design

6. Blue Lagoon Nail Design

Blue Lagoon Nail Design

7. Snow Tiger Nail Design

Snow Tiger Nail Design

8. Nail Art 3

Nail Art 3

9. Leopard and Zebra Print Nail Art

Leopard and Zebra Print Nail Art

10. Make You Happy

Make You Happy

11. Hello Kitty Nail Art

Hello Kitty Nail Art

12. Halloween Skull Nail Art

Halloween Skull Nail Art

13. Francesinha Com Nail Art

Francesinha Com Nail Art

14. Nails inspired by Sailor Moon’s Outfit

Nails inspired by Sailor Moon's Outfit

15. Plaid Design

Plaid Design

16. Peacock Water Marbling Nail Polish

Peacock Water Marbling Nail Polish

17. Chrome Inspired Nail Art-Left

Chrome Inspired Nail Art-Left

18. White Flowers on Black Nail

White Flowers on Black Nail

19. Halloween Bubble Nail Art

Halloween Bubble Nail Art

20. Floral Nail Art

Floral Nail Art

21. Sparkly Dot Nail Art

Sparkly Dot Nail Art

22. Purple Hologram Star Nail Art

Purple Hologram Star Nail Art

23. Halloween Green Ghoul Nail Art

Halloween Green Ghoul Nail Art

24. Wonder Woman Nail Art

Wonder Woman Nail Art

25. Purple Corset Nail Art

Purple Corset Nail Art

26. Keroppi Nail Design for Short Nails

Keroppi Nail Design for Short Nails

27. Starburst Nail Art

Starburst Nail Art

Hope you will have liked these nail art collection. Also check out our gallery for more great inspirational ideas on how you can design your nails to stand out from a crowd.