A logo performs a crucial part in building a distinctive identity of an organization along with other businesses in the industry. As a designer when we get a new logo designing project, we tend to search for logo design inspiration to brush up our creativity. Having a well designed logo can separate you from your competitors and help you build your brand. This post showcases unique and memorable logos.

In this post, I have hand-picked a great collection of 25+ unique modern logo designs treated with a contemporary design approach. The following creative logos show confidence in their visual appearance, and also have a deeper meaning for the viewer to figure out. Hope you enjoy!

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1. The Mill Bar and Grill

The Mill Bar and Grill

2. Express Hot Water

Express Hot Water

3. Modern Art

Modern Art

4. Heathier Hospitals Initiative Logo

Heathier Hospitals Initiative Logo



6. Mooblr


7. Modern Fossil

Modern Fossil

8. Konway


9. The Upstairs Church

The Upstairs Church

10. Consultation


11. Botas Rotas

Botas Rotas

12. USB Heroes

USB Heroes

13. Azutek


14. H Hotels Logo

H Hotels Logo

15. Deep Focus Pictures

Deep Focus Pictures

16. The Butterfly Grave

The Butterfly Grave

17. Housing Estate

Housing Estate

18. Massive Punch

Massive Punch

19. City Garden

City Garden

20. Blue FC

Blue FC

21. Vintage Lights

Vintage Lights

22. Wind Energy

Wind Energy

23. Catorigins


24. The Writer’s Vantage

The Writer’s Vantage

25. Abakka


26. KingSphere


27. Modern Myth Icon

Modern Myth Icon

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