The fog, combined with rain and wind, is still hanging around. Normally fog is a collection of small and light weighted water droplets suspended in the air near earth surface and you cannot see the other side clearly.

Foggy photography is one of the difficult photography and here are our top 25 awesome foggy photography pictures for your inspiration. From farmland to mountains and cityscapes, you’re bound to find some very inspirational works of art. I hope you will enjoy this collection of misty photographs.

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1. Into the Fog

Into the Fog

2. Carpathian Forest

Carpathian Forest

3. Autumn Forest

Autumn Forest

4. Foggy Morning

Foggy Morning

5. Dead Foggy Orchard

Dead Foggy Orchard

6. Cool Foggy Picture

Cool Foggy Picture

7. Truck on Foggy Morning

Truck on Foggy Morning

8. Foggy Loneliness

Foggy Loneliness

9. Foggy Friday

Foggy Friday

10. Path


11. Binoculars


12. Needle Through The Fog

Needle Through The Fog

13. Bay Bridge Morning

Bay Bridge Morning

14. Leland River Fog

Leland River Fog

15. Sailboat in The Fog

Sailboat in The Fog

16. I See You Now

I See You Now

17. Foggy Night

Foggy Night

18. Flyin High on a Foggy Morning

Flyin High on a Foggy Morning

19. Foggy Pick-up

Foggy Pick-up

20. A Foggy Day

A Foggy Day

21. SunRise


22. China, The Great Wall in Simatai

China, The Great Wall in Simatai

23. Tiu Kelep

Tiu Kelep

24. Foggy Nights

Foggy Nights

25. Foggy Winter: Inserttitlehere

Foggy Winter: Inserttitlehere

If you have never been interested in this type of photo-art then it is a perfect chance to discover misty photography to yourself. And if you are an advanced foggy photographer then we’ll be glad to see links to your artworks at the comment field below.