Creating the logo design is really difficult job. You need to be inspired all the time. Every time we look into any company providing any kind of services or products, its logo is the very first that shows up in our imagination. Since the beginning of time, animals have been associated with all kinds of cultural connotations. So, here I have gathered a collection of amazing giraffe logo design examples to help with providing inspiration for your own design projects. Giraffe is a graceful and mysterious animal. There is a really hot summer outside. Many companies use a giraffe logo to represent their business as it symbolizes elevation. These logos will keep up your mood at once and get you inspired for the rest of the day.

For more resources please see:

1. Jiraffy


2. Giraffe


3. Girraphics


4. Giraffly


5. Dating App Logo

Dating App Logo

6. Giraffink


7. Giraffe Carafe

Giraffe Carafe

8. Giraffo


9. Two Giraffes Logo

Two Giraffes Logo

10. Large Pizza

Large Pizza

11. Giraffe Logo

Giraffe Logo

12. l’ecole Imaginaire

l'ecole Imaginaire

13. Giraffeo


14. Zookeeper Records

Zookeeper Records

15. Girafork


16. Serengeti Park

Serengeti Park

17. Safari Bar Logo

Safari Bar Logo

18. Tall in Love

Tall in Love

19. Doctor Media

Doctor Media

20. Girafrica


21. Cool Giraffe Logo

Cool Giraffe Logo

22. Blugiraffe


23. h zoo

h zoo

24. Giraffe Dream Factory

Giraffe Dream Factory

25. Giraffa


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