One of the most popular types of websites are grid based which is fantastic to have when wanting to portray a minimalist and clean style. Grids can have overlapping, shifted, scattered or whatever thumbnails, and what’s more important they’ll never look outdated due to a neat and tidy way of presenting them. Many grid-based websites will feature a stripped down and clean design and make great use of typography.

A grid is a series of intersecting horizontal and vertical lines that serve as guides to place elements in a design. So, here I’ve collected a list great grid based web designs for you; many of which really feature the grid itself. You can see that with the showcase below. So, scroll down and observe how these grid-based websites are done. If you like these web design you might also want to check out our previous post below.

1. The Brief

The Brief

2. Brite Revolution

Brite Revolution

3. Dialectica Studio

Dialectica Studio

4. Die Krieger des Lichts

Die Krieger des Lichts

5. Nice Device

Nice Device

6. 42angels


7. Bouloutidis


8. Book Cover Archive

Book Cover Archive

9. Swinton


10. Simon Collison

Simon Collison

11. The Touch Agency

The Touch Agency

12. Major Tom

Major Tom

13. Original Championship of Design

Original Championship of Design

14. HangingUpTheMoon


15. Danielkusaka


16. Destination Kors

Destination Kors

17. Salomon Snowboard

Salomon Snowboard

18. Kiki and Bree

Kiki and Bree

19. z-index


20. Quipsologies


21. Pierrick Calvez

Pierrick Calvez

22. SamDallyn


23. Eertmoed


24. Manchester Wire

Manchester Wire

25. Sylvain Ollier

Sylvain Ollier

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