After our last non profit websites examples post, we have received many mails from our readers and they request us that landing page examples share with us. So today, I have decided to share landing pages design with our readers. A landing page is quite important for the promotion of your business or product and services through your website.

The best landing page examples could be an important factor for the success of any online business. Below, you’ll find some of the best examples of landing pages that cover classic lead capture, product pre-launch beta pages, eCommerce etc. They’re really perfect landing pages and they all show something interesting and worthy of discussion.

1. Tea Round

Tea Round

2. GreenLighted


3. ClubDivot


4. Tropo – The SMS Experts

Tropo – The SMS Experts

5. Asking Canadians

Asking Canadians


7. dribbblr


8. Virgin America

Virgin America

9. CleverScale


10. Mammoth Lakes Ski Accommodation

Mammoth Lakes Ski Accommodation

11. Basecamp


12. Square


13. HBloom


14. Wistia


15. Shall I Buy

Shall I Buy

16. Weatherwise


17. GiftRocket


18. Franklin Mint

Franklin Mint

19. Tap Tap Tap

Tap Tap Tap

20. Tube Mogul

Tube Mogul

Please jump into the comments and share your thoughts about how these landing pages could be further optimized.

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  1. Very good collection of landing page design, I love this collection, those are highly impressive landing page design, good post.

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