If you have a business but no online version, too, then you should do your best to get a website live, immediately. Nowadays, people rely on the Internet when researching companies, and as a result they you have to have a website, too. However, if you are not a web designer or if you don’t have a clue about coding, then it is obvious that you will have to pass this task to a team of professionals, for instance to thesiteslinger.com. To begin with they will help you get your website live and save your time by coding the HTML with better PSD to HTML. I’ve reviewed their service offerings for you below so that you can determine who the best company for your PSD to HTML services is.


Connor Hood founded this website in 2009 and it aims at helping freelancers, developers, designers, digital marketing agencies, and so on, by transforming their designs into code. Their company is based in Austin, Texas, and whenever you have questions there is always a developer in US you can talk to. The Site Slinger has great services to offer, for instance: PSD to HTML, PSD to Responsive and PSD to WordPress sites. For responsive websites, you will have to upload tablet and mobile designs for responsive web pages, whereas for the WordPress websites a quote is necessary.

Also, people should know that they are charged per page for PSD to HTML, PSD to Responsive, and PSD to WordPress. Basic features and jQuery animations are included in the per page price. Their developers use the most recent HTML5 technology. Besides that, people can choose, according to their budget and deadline how fast they want their product to be delivered: five days, three days or next day. Their team’s work is not only of a high quality, but also fast and reliable.

How to order

You can start your PSD to HTML project for free; all you need to is upload your designs. Photoshop designs, Illustrator, Fireworks or Indesign files; and then one of the team members will review them. Also, a real developer will send you a quote within two working hours. If you are afraid that the result may not work for you and your business, you should know that here they communicate with their clients during their business hours in order to make sure that everything will be exactly as you have planned. Then you will have to make the electronic payment and as far as prices go these start from $169 per page and could go up to $289 per page. The cheapest plan means that you have opted for the five day delivery, while with the most expensive one you will receive your files the next day.

Examples of the work

Anyway, before trying The Site Slinger, you can have a sneak peek at some of their projects – even live code. You will see for yourselves that they code using the latest technology, from HTML5 to Twitter Bootstrap; and that their code is neat, organized and well commented.


After reviewing The Site Slinger and other PSD to HTML companies, I think you should definitely use thesiteslinger.com. Besides of these great advantages and benefits, new users will also have the first page free for an order with two or more pages.