The beginning of a year is the best time for setting ambitions and goals and precisely, making a choice of the right career certification. If you’re into information technology industry you already are aware of the changes that will take place and what will be more in demand and hot trends. The internet, industry and peer talk is enough to know what’s happening and is to be the hot gadget, program, device or IT related news. This is exactly when you should take a step for the preplanned IT certification for acquiring skills, knowledge and becoming more responsible.

The greatest of all challenges for you would be to figure out which IT certification to pursue, in times when the entire IT world is on consistent move. This article would at-least take that hurdle away and instead of searching you can confirmatively make a choice among the certifications we are to discuss. Cisco is a top notch vendor for providing computer networking services, products and certifications. It leads in not only providing the best networking devices but also set platforms for the knowledge and develop experts with diversified awareness.

Cisco System is without any doubt the best among the ones we know for network routers and these product range basic consumer types to top end routers. These products are essential and form the backbone of an internet. Apart from being privileged in producing routers, Cisco is also valued for producing various network equipments including storage, VPN and video conferencing systems. While discussing the networking program and its repute, it’s essential to mention Cisco’s most demanded certifications of this category; they include CCNA, CCNP and CCIE Certifications.

For knowing which certifications stand as a top notch in 2013, here’s a discussion of the three most popular certifications:

Cisco Certified Network Associate / Cisco Certified Network Professional

Cisco network devices are more likely to be found in almost every private or public cloud, in network cabinets, in data centers. It’s true there are others as well but knowing Cisco cannot get you wrong in any aspect. If you’re pertaining to be a network person and you don’t have your CCNA certification, you would definitely have a tough time. CCNA with exam code 640-802 is an entry level certification and a prerequisite for almost all higher Cisco certifications. It proves an individual’s competency in installing, configuring, and troubleshooting routed and switched networks.

An individual who is a qualified CCNA is capable of carrying tasks of implementations and verifications on remote sites in WAN, and has knowledge of Wireless networking, security related issues and is equipped with performance based skills. This certification though is of an entry level but is foundation and provides in depth knowledge of becoming an expert on job. Further if you desire an advanced and better job you can drive your directions towards acquiring CCNP Certification.

Cisco certified Network Professional certification validates competencies in voice, advanced security and video solutions and the skills of planning, implementing and troubleshooting switched and routed networks. This certification offers career path for CCNA certified professionals and acts as a foundation for the ones interested in CCIE Certification. CCNP Certifying exams include 640-813, 640-832 and 640-902 which cover various networking concepts with more emphasis on QoS, converged networks, security and VPN’s.

Cisco Certified Internet Engineer

Cisco Certification provides a path of not just becoming a better engineer through its CCIE Certification. It was once said that the journey is always more important than the destination and this certification takes you through a journey. It devotes you and your entire time for studying but in return not only develops skills but also develops an expert engineer. CCIE Certification has a written and a lab exam for either track, where the written exam is the beginning and the lab is an extension of the knowledge acquired through the theoretical knowledge.

CCIE Certification with exam code 350-001 is one of the most demanded security certification where security is always a demand for small and big organizations as well as businesses. Especially when data moves to cloud, the need of security professional becomes all the more important. With the various malicious programs and wired viruses the entire database of a system would require CCIE experts. The certification holds great value and yet the exams are very tough but acquiring this certification can build a prosperous career.

The shift in how businesses approach communication and connectivity is the strongest indicator of how they are changing the way they do business. This also means how IT operations, systems and networks will structure their IT enterprise infrastructure towards wireless and security (hint: CCNA security certification).

IT professionals with Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certificates will show businesses the expertise in the ability to setup, troubleshoot, monitor, upgrade and maintain networking hardware based on Cisco equipment.