Getting pierced or getting etched and sketched with tattoo is very much in trend now days! Tattoo is modification of body which is done by with an ink, which is inserted into top layer of body or part of body. All tattoo designs tend to evolve and change according to current events and trends in fashion. Hence, it is vital that you choose custom tattoo designs that match current trends.

People use to practice different tattoo designs on their face or on their back. I have create a gallery of outstanding tattoo designs examples you will able to see here in this article. Butterflies, stars, flowers are trending. Also here’s a collection of the latest tattoo art work gallery and designs you could choose amongst!

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1. Aces and Eights

Aces and Eights

2. Latest Henna Tattoos Design 2012

Latest Henna Tattoos Design 2012

3. Cool Tattoo Trend 2012

Cool Tattoo Trend 2012

4. Damaged Tattoo on Chest

Damaged Tattoo on Chest

5. Music Start Tattoo

Music Start Tattoo

6. A Beautiful Tattoo Designs

A Beautiful Tattoo Designs

7. TREX Tattoos

TREX Tattoos

8. Eternity


9. Panda Tattoo on Left Forearm

Panda Tattoo on Left Forearm

10. Better Place Tattoo

Better Place Tattoo

11. Crazy Ice Cream Tattoos

Crazy Ice Cream Tattoos

12. Squirrel Go Nuts

Squirrel Go Nuts

13. Cute Cross Tattoo Design

Cute Cross Tattoo Design

14. Robot and Little Boy

Robot and Little Boy

15. Sharpie Tattoos

Sharpie Tattoos

16. Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly Tattoos

17. Small Tattoo Design for 2012

Small Tattoo Design for 2012

18. My First Tattoo

My First Tattoo

19. Bushido Tattoos

Bushido Tattoos

20. Heart Breaker

Heart Breaker

21. Exclusive Tattoo Designs for Men

Exclusive Tattoo Designs for Men

22. Anchor Bow Finished

Anchor Bow Finished

23. Kanji Tattoo – Wolf

Kanji Tattoo - Wolf

24. Shoulder Tattoo Design for Women 2012

Shoulder Tattoo Design for Women 2012

25. Tattoo Passion

Tattoo Passion

26. Von Dutch Tattoo

Von Dutch Tattoo

27. Tribal Dragon Tattoo Design

Tribal Dragon Tattoo Design

28. Applied Tattoo

Applied Tattoo

29. Armband Tattoo Trend for 2012

Armband Tattoo Trend for 2012

30. Butterfly Tattoo Finished

Butterfly Tattoo Finished

31. Cupcake Tattoo

Cupcake Tattoo

32. Back Tattoo Design for Girls 2012

Back Tattoo Design for Girls 2012

33. New Tattoo Design for 2012

New Tattoo Design for 2012

34. Zelda Tattoo for Girls

Zelda Tattoo for Girls

35. Enso Circle Tattoo

Enso Circle Tattoo

36. Music Note Tattoo Design

Music Note Tattoo Design

37. Heart Tattoo Design

Heart Tattoo Design

38. Cool Butterfly Tattoo Fashion 2012

Cool Butterfly Tattoo Fashion 2012

39. Female Back Tattoo Design

Female Back Tattoo Design

40. Celtic Rree of Life Tattoo

Celtic Rree of Life Tattoo

41. Geisha Tattoo

Geisha Tattoo

42. Pisces – Tattoo Design

Pisces - Tattoo Design

43. Key Tattoo Design 2012-13

Key Tattoo Design 2012-13

44. Star Tattoo

Star Tattoo

45. Skyrim Tattoo

Skyrim Tattoo

46. Pagan Tattoo

Pagan Tattoo

47. Skull and Rose Tattoo

Skull and Rose Tattoo

48. Ballpoint Pen Tattoo

Ballpoint Pen Tattoo

49. Awesome Small Tattoo Design

Awesome Small Tattoo Design

50. Guitar Tattoo Design for Girls

Guitar Tattoo Design for Girls

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