You have started a blog but its posts look very ugly and incomplete without images. The free creative commons ones do not have the quality that you want. You may have even tried to work with photographers but their collection is too small and you are not getting what you want and therefore you are thinking of deleting your blog altogether and going and doing something else. Pray don’t quit so early. A solution exists.

The solution is a stock photo agency. A stock photo agency is a place which has thousands of royalty-free images from many photographers which are available to use against a purchase.  The term “royalty-free” means that you will be free to use the image as and when you like provided you remain within the terms and conditions imposed by the seller.

With the advancement of technology a lot of stock photo agencies have mushroomed online. Which one should you choose? We recommend Depositphotos. is a wonderful website having millions of photographs and vector images across many different genres and categories.  Are you interested in animals or architecture? Beauty or fashion? Science or nature? No matter what your niche is Depositphotos has all what you need.

Depositphotos offers 35 photos for free. It is a free plan under which you can download 35 images for free – five images per day for seven days. This plan is under the “no questions asked” category. And it is not that you will get only thumb nail sized images in the free category. Just as when you buy, you will get all sized images. No matter who you are or what you do you can always avail this opportunity.

But in case you are a website owner, like a blogger, then you can win extra privileges. If your website has a decent following and a decent Alexa rank (contact Deposit photos to know whether your site is “decent” or not) then you can win a special free trial subscription.  All you have to do is to write a review about Depositphotos and email them about it. If they like the review, you win the subscription.

Alternatively, you can run a competition on your site and award Depositphotos’s subscription as a prize. Some promotion of their site and spreading the word about them is all they ask. Details are in the link above.

“Okay.” You may say. “All these free programs are great but what after I expire them all?” Well after that you can always buy a subscription, of course.

The costs of images are very low.  If you want to buy individual images then they can cost as low as 0.5$ and if you buy a subscription plan then each image can cost as low as 0.10$. See the screenshot below for details.

As should be clear from the image above, all important money transference channels like PayPal and Moneybookers are accepted by Depositphotos.

Have you ever used a stock photo agency? If yes which one and how was your experience? What do you think about Depositphotos? Do let us know in the comments below.