The same scene captured in a photo at night will have a completely different feel than one taken during the day. Nightscape Photography is one of the eluding styles of photography in lines of selection of photography-style by a photographer. Long-time readers of the coolist will recognize our addiction to night photography, especially cities at night.

So today I have decided to show you some beautiful nightscape photographs to rejoice your mind. These shoots are attractive for viewers and more inspiring for photographery. To see any of them in a larger size simply click on the image to be directed to the source. Let’s fix your eyes on our today’s post.

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1. Singapore CBD Nightscape

Singapore CBD Nightscape

2. Nightscape X21

Nightscape X21

3. Hong Kong – Ghost Bus

Hong Kong - Ghost Bus

4. Phoenix’s City Nightscape

Phoenix's City Nightscape

5. War Zone

War Zone

6. Amazing Nightscape Photograph

Amazing Nightscape Photograph

7. Mexico City Nightscape

Mexico City Nightscape

8. Paris – Eiffel Tower at Night

Paris - Eiffel Tower at Night

9. Shadowscapes, Dubai

Shadowscapes, Dubai

10. Nightscapes Photography

Nightscapes Photography

11. Fantastic Nightscape Picture

Fantastic Nightscape Picture

12. Sunset Nightscape From Leonie Hill

Sunset Nightscape From Leonie Hill

13. Ortigas Nightscape 4

Ortigas Nightscape 4

14. Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower

Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower

15. Dubai Burj Khalifa

Dubai Burj Khalifa

16. Nightscapes 5

Nightscapes 5

17. A Night over the Fog

A Night over the Fog

18. Bardenas


19. Eureka Stars B&W

Eureka Stars B&W

20. Cincinnati Downtown Nightscape HDR

Cincinnati Downtown Nightscape HDR

21. Beautiful Nightscape Photo

Beautiful Nightscape Photo

22. Nightscape of Skyscrapers

Nightscape of Skyscrapers

23. Hong Kong Lippo Centre

Hong Kong Lippo Centre

24. Floating Lanterns

Floating Lanterns

25. Kobe Nightscape on a Shite Camera

Kobe Nightscape on a Shite Camera

26. Lightening Photography

Lightening Photography

27. Oddworld Nightscape

Oddworld Nightscape

28. Red Tree

Red Tree

29. Maybe Tomorrow

Maybe Tomorrow

30. La caseta de Josemanuel

La caseta de Josemanuel

I guess that i have included most of the best Nightscape photographs available. In case if i missed your work, then please let me know via comments. I am happy to include yours.